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100+ Head-Fier
I’ve been wanting to share my impressions about hotly-anticipated S-EM6v2.

This beauty got a glossy black design with slim outlines. It was a shotgun wedding really, I dig what Earsonics have done with this shell.
Craftsmanship is great, I can’t see any imperfections. Fit is very comfortable too!

Accessories are not bad at all, 2x comply foam, 2x silicone tips, 2x double flange tips..

Every tip is affecting the sound differently so they can be used to fine tune the sound to achieve personal favourite. My personal preference is the double flange tips because of their airy presentation and isolation. (wide bore)

Sound Quality & Signature
The sound signature..

S-EM6v2 shocked me right out of the box. Unfortunately in a bad way..

It was way out of Earsonics’ line.. Scrawny, congestion-prone even blurred..

Of course, I wasn’t just yet aware of the fact that I chose the worst possible source combination for it.. First dap that I used was AK300 and single flange mushroom tips.. God it was bad.

I stood there for a second and as always, I wanted to re-check my options. I am not a very lucky person and fate do play tricks with me quite often. Right after leaving that brief stream of consciousness, I tried the Comply tips. Sound was so much better.. At that point I knew that S-EM6v2 required some testing to sound great. I wanted to try the good old double flanges.

Sound got better, more meaty, better mid presentation, slightly more relaxed sound, better detail retrieval.. It was still kinda off though..

I wanted to replace the cable, I know that Earsonics monitors do get along with upgrade cables exceptionally fine so I gave it a shot.

I tried the PW Audio “The Flash” and voila!

A big smile appeared on my face..

It was quite different than the stock..

Let me try to explain in detail..

The bass weren’t prominent, but it had enough impact and depth.

It only gets better from now on.. Mids were clear, articulate and easy to focus on. Vocal and instrument placement were quite superb!

I believe treble region will even satisfy the most finicky prima donnas!

They’re vivid, breathy, natural and delicate. Nothing harsh or peaky..

I think highs are the best section of this iems freq. line.

Can’t think of anything to criticise about resolution and instrument separation.. They’re both quite good.

Soundstage is wide and it has enough depth..

This configuration(the flash cable +ak300) made me happy enough until I plug it into the iPhone 7 plus (yes, the phone, odd!) and listen to tidal with it..

Everything changed quite dramatically..

The joy factor quadrupled.. Every missing stone found it’s way to the foundation.

Musicality, synergy, tempo, rhythm, vividness.. At some point I was singing to my e-cigarette as it was my microphone……

It was clear as day that this earphone requires full-bodied, beefy sounding DAPs..

It is true that S-EM6v2 got me worked up but I eventually managed to reveal its secrets..

I know that tip selection is a subjective matter but cable upgrade is a solid fact. It indeed levels up with an upgrade cable and improves dramatically. (From regular burger to royale with cheese) I am quite sure that other great synergies can be achieved with different cables and combinations. Analytic lovers may like it’s stock tune but musicality injected earsonics house sound lovers need to try this thing with a meaty dap and a good upgrade cable. It will surprise you.

Thanks for reading.
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100+ Head-Fier
Doing everthing very well..