Reviews by chrislangley4253


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: value, sound, modification possibilities, aesthetics
Cons: flimsy cable with little/no stress relief and that is very hard to replace, they can pinch hairs when left stock
I love the sound of these portable headphones, a good step above all the stock earbuds that come with players nowadays. The sound sig is great out of the box and I believe it improves some with some burn in.
You can also mod them quite a bit with various mods such as the quarter mod, kramer mod, and hd414 pad mod.

However, the cable is reaaallly the pits.. It used to be better, now I honestly cannot recommend them to anybody.

If you do buy them, and when they do break.. Buy a pair of sportapros to replace the drivers and cable.. I do NOT recommend trying to recable them.. or sending them in to KOSS unless you like waiting forever and jumping through hoops and paying shipping. 
I have 2 of these. Other with "fabric"cable and normal rubber one. The "fabric" one is broken. And if I remember correctly sounded better. Should I try to chance the cord?