Auraliti PK90 USB

General Information

For some time audiophiles have been asking us to make a file player optimized for use with USB audio converters. We are pleased to introduce the PK90-USB with the cleanest USB connection ever offered. The USB output is isolated from the Mother Board and it's power supply is separately regulated to insure a very low noise connection.


Optimized USB audio output from SOtM PCI card with same easy to use software as our well received PK100

Play WAV, AIFF, FLAC and DFF loss-less files at all Sampling Rates and BIT depths supported by your USB device

Maximize performance with USB converters and USB DA converters

The same simple to use appliance like device as our PK100

Remote control clients for use on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac

Very clean low noise USB connection

Totally silent operation. No fans!

Play music files via USB storage or from our forthcoming File Server

Music Files transfer from your storage drive in bulk mode to the PK90 internal memory buffer


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