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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Design and construction
Cons: Female voices overshadow male ones
lower mids tend to sound dry
About me:
Music lover and earphone enthusiast, most of my previous reviews are in spanish.

Disclaimer: This unit was loan to me by my fiend Moisés

Gear used:
Fiio Q5s, Hiby R5, IFI Zen Can+Zen Blue

About Audiosense:
Audiosense is a chinese IEM brand that is focused on Balanced Armature and hybrid IEMs aiming to provide “a sonic masterpiece with worthwhile price”.

About AQ0:
This is the entry level IEM from the AQ series which is conformed by 3 earphones: the AQ0, AQ3 and AQ7 which is audiosense´s current flagship.



Single 9.2mm dynamic driver
Frequency Response: 20Hz-22Khz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity (1kHz): 101db
Net Weight: 4.03g
Cable length: 1.25m oxygen free copper


The AQO comes in a white cardboard box, inside we can find a very complete accessory set conformed by a gray carrying case, a warranty and descriptions manual, 6 pairs of ear tips, the 1.2m cable and the earphones.


Three of the six pairs of eartips are the well known rigid silicon tips and the rest pairs remind me of final audio ear tips included in the e-series by showing a softer texture.The cable is a 8 strands 19 core with mmcx connectors and 3.5mm plug, it has a soft texture and looks good for this price range.


The AQ0 has a very gorgeous design, it has a 3D printed resin shell that feels very solid and shows a bright finish. The faceplate is the best part of the design, it has the company´s logo in metallic lettering and as you can see, the 3D effect in blue and green colors is very attractive. It is worth mentioning that each faceplate has a unique combination of shapes and colors.

This earphone has a medium size so it will fit in most ears, the insertion is deep and it contributes to achieve a good noise isolation.



First i want to mention that you'll need at least a dongle dac to enjoy the full sound of this earphone. Pairing it with common smartphones won't give you enough volume level.

Starting with the sound, the AQ0 has a U shape sound signature with subass and upper mids emphasis. It reminds me of Audiosense´s flagship, the AQ7.

Sub Bass and midbass are accented but the first takes the spot by delivering a very satisfying rumble that hits with authority. The rest of the bass is very controlled, it has good speed showing natural attacks that keeps the mids clean. Bass in AQ0 has the common weight of dynamic drivers but don´t expect basshead lound. With electronic, pop, rock and metal music it sounds particularly good thanks to the sub bass emphasis.

The midrange has a warm and clean tonality with upper mids emphasis so female voices sound a step forward and with more texture than male ones which tend to sound dryer.
The upper mids emphasis is well done, i didn't notice any hot or aggressive sound. Instrumental separation is above average, I enjoyed symphonic metal and orchestras with these earphones.The level of detail is good, soundstage has better width than depth and height. Imaging is average for earphones in this price range and overall the midrange keeps a good balance between technical and musical sound.

It's more accented in the lower treble than in the upper treble, it has a polite and controlled highs, the extension is average and treble sensitive people might find it comfortable.
Cymbals, violins and flutes sound with good brightness in its sound, layering is basic and I didn´t notice sibilance or sharp edges.



Tripowin TC01: It has more mid bass and less sub bass, mids are more recessed and delivers a more dynamic sound. The AQ0 is a more versatile iem that will fit with most songs unlike the TC01 in which its fun V shaped sound is not good enough for classical, jazz and orchestras.
NF Audio NA2: It has less bass and treble, the sound is more relaxed and delivers a soft treble. Technical performance is better in the NM2, it has better imaging, bigger soundstage and more detail. The AQ0 has a weightier sound and delivers richer tones not as light as the NM2.
Shozy 1.1: The 1.1 has more bass in quantity but not in quality, midrange is more recessed and sounds unnatural. Overall i find the AQ0 a better sounding earphone.



The AQ0 doesn't look like an entry level iem by the look of his shell, the beautiful design and good accessory set are outstanding for this price range. Sound is very engaging, delivering a fun but at the same time natural representation, all these things make the AQ0 a very competitive iem in this category.
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Nice review! i agree with most of your findings except:

The midrange has a warm and clean tonality with upper mids emphasis so female voices sound a step forward and with more texture than male ones which tend to sound dryer.

I would describe the midrange as being crisp with the upper mids mild emphasis. Maybe I am just being too picky about semantics? I think the AQ0 is an overlooked gem. I see the AQ0 and Moondrop Starfield as being "big hitters" in that price range. The Starfield having better layering and "micro dynamics" with the AQ0 being much more visceral with significantly better bass quality.

@Vasarely To my ears, the AQ0 is a more refined FD1: the bass is a bit tighter, the upper mids/lower treble have less splash. I get significant driver flex with the right unit/ear with the AQ0. The FD1 has not driver flex at all. I hpe that helps.
Aq0 is definitely a good iem in this price range
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Thank you @H T T I think I'll go for AQ0 too very soon... :beerchug:
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