Data travels fast, and you need a USB cable that can keep up with it. A 2.5 percent silver...

AudioQuest Carbon USB Digital Audio Cable 1.5m

  • Data travels fast, and you need a USB cable that can keep up with it. A 2.5 percent silver coated long grain copper cable, contained in a distortion reducing polyethylene and PVC shell make sure you get a carbon copy of your music, pictures, and video from point A to point B.

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  1. Maxx134
    GOOD quality cable
    Written by Maxx134
    Published Jul 26, 2014
    Pros - materials
    Cons - short length is a bit too short
    I noticed an increase in detailing & resolution of about 1% ,
    Which is a noticable amount when speaking of cables..
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  2. FatmanSize48
    Don't Believe It
    Written by FatmanSize48
    Published Oct 15, 2012
    Pros - Cool looking cable
    Cons - Waste of money
    Don't believe the marketing BS. This cable will make NO difference. I wish I could give 0 stars. I really do. 
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    2. FatmanSize48
      Hehe nice joke. I loved the USB 5.0 touch.
      FatmanSize48, Oct 17, 2012
    3. flognarde
      If you actually purchased this cable, it's very brave of you ... I have never heard anyone buying $1000's+ worth of cables and not noticing an improvement !!
      flognarde, Sep 14, 2015
    4. sixtytwo
      I own one of this. It's sure max up transfer rated on HDD but for sound quality it does a better job on my stereo system. To be able to define the ability of it I think you would need a system to test them, it dose not need to be expensive just that make sure it the only important cable in the cable.

      At first I have to say that I am not believe in this cable difference things but I should give it a try. I mean there are some people who buy thos cable that cost like a car and I think those who have that much money to buy those wouldn't do it if it doesn't worthy, til I was found out my self.
      At that time I try out with the Audioquest forest USB cable. I first try them on HDD haha it does transfer faster so I goon to the next examination. I try on BOSE com5. There are only one cable that you could change in this system and it's the source and I did burn in for 3days (cause my return policy is just 7day so need to evaluate them quick) . First impressions is while I burning in with movies, dynamics length is huge. There are kind of 8-10 level in the Same movie I had watched wasn't long ago with the stock which is have like 3-4 different level. It's is like I deselect the dynamic range compression function. It is a good thing but with the com5 I really have trouble turning volume up and down with the forest the action scenes is too loud if you adjust the volume base on dialogue level. And that's when I realized " yeb cable does make a difference". then I did the A-B test with the forest and stock from Bose. This is just a normal Itune and USB digital audio out to BOSE com5 basic setting. The music is more fluid, lively and better soundstage there is more to the depth of the sound field. That's it I return it to the shop.....instead, I brought the step up "Cinnamon" and enjoy! That's was 6 years ago. I am now with the carbon from macmini to my NAD M51, a couples of chocolate HDMI all the way to Cardas golden ref. XLR. And MIT speaker cable.
      sixtytwo, Oct 17, 2016


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