Audiophilleo 2 - Reviews
Pros: Detail. Detail. Detail. Never heard so much detail - through the entire spectrum
Cons: Pricey
Never have I found an audio component that costs $1000 with benefits as big as that shown by the Audiophilleo. I have not tried using it without the PurePower upgrade (as it is an irreversible upgrade), but the combination of an AP2+PP results in detail I never thought my system had the capability to expose. 
What other components make up your system?
Martin Logan Vantage Speakers (Signap Power Magic power cables)
Jolida JD801 BRC 6550-based tube amp (with upgraded tubes)
Anedio D2 (and D1) DAC
RSA Haley Power Conditioner
Michael Wolff Bohica power cable for DAC
Acoustic Zen Tsunami power cables for everything else
Zu Audio Mission speaker cables