Audiophile Products Fireye II USB DAC/Headphones Amplifier

General Information

The new Fireye II is the 'smaller than a deck of cards' headphone amp you'll love for superior audio performance and super convenience. The Fireye II takes the USB signal from your computer and performs a high quality digital to analog conversion. You'll instantly hear improved dynamics and deep musical detail, not to mention a BIG boost in power. The USB powered Fireye II is always ready for action. The small size makes it perfect for taking on the road. It has the extra power you need to drive your good headphones. You hear your music, CDs and DVDs with increased detail and clarity. The Fireye II also doubles as a low jitter USB to S/PDIF converter. That's right, the Fireye II lets you to connect an optical cable (to the headphone output jack) and send a digital signal to an outboard DAC or AV Reciever. Play your computer music on your stereo or home theatre system with remarkable fidelity.


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