AUDIO TECHNICA Solid Bass CKS77X (Japan)


Pros: solid bass, sound isolation
Cons: bad design, highs bother me, not good for rock
This is my first review for a product so I maybe lacking details in some areas or using the wrong terms. Forgive me for that. I did buy these in Japan at a department store called Joshin so I don't have the technical details but you can find them here In terms of USD I think I payed roughly $65 and they were definitely worth the price. I've owned them for about 6 months now. 
Design 2/5: If you looked at the link you can tell they already look weird. When you wear them they sort of curve into your ear. Wearing the wire above your ears just doesn't work but that isn't a problem for me. The reason they were designed with the curve shape is because the back piece is supposed to be a housing for a mini sub woofer which I definitely think is true. Also personally I did have a bad experience. For the left earbud the piece that joins the front and back part broke so I had to super glue it back together. Also because of the weird shape if these get yanked out of your ear for whatever reason it may hurt or at least bother you. Theres also small rubber rings that go around the part that joins the back and front piece. If you lose those rings or they even tear in the slightest your ears will be uncomfortable. 
Accessories 3/5: S M and L tips were included plus a soft carrying pouch. I use the case everyday and I have found that the opening is looser than it was originally but I don't think it will break.
Box ?: Who cares what the box looks like? Also I don't have it anymore.
Isolation 5/5: If I read Japanese I guess these would be advertised to have sound isolating technology. At higher volumes they definitely turn into noise canceling IEMs which can be a problem for me at school.
Sound 4.5/5: That rating is probably biased because my only "real" pair of IEMs in the past were Sennheiser Precision CX 300 II. Compared to the Senns the bass is way more prominent. I would consider these basshead IEMs. They have great mid-bass. I don't feel like it muffles over vocals. They do not reach the low ends however. Speak to Me by Pink Floyd and Slow it Down by Tyler the Creator have strong bass response that you can feel while On My Level by Wiz Khalifa has a low bass that you can hear but not notice. I would not say rock and metal sound bad but there are probably better headphones for listening to those genres. I listen to almost all genres so it doesn't bother me.
I am a bit of a basshead so I don't really know what to say about mids. I think mids include vocals and I have to say that vocals do sound good especially female vocals. It is a pleasant experience to
listen to Sylvan Esso, Misterwives and Lorde. When I let friend listen to Mastodon and Metallica with my IEMs he said they weren't that great for metal and that there was almost a buzzing noise. 
High pitched sounds tend to bother me so I have to turn down the volume for certain songs. Im sure theres a word that better describes my complaint. Overall these are a great pair of IEMs. I got to listen to my friends M50X once and I like my IEMs better.