? ?53mm driver with maximum aperture that is "SOLID BASS" series sound playback with sharp, deep...

Audio-Technica ATH-WS99 | SOLID BASS Portable Headphones (Japan Import)

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  • ? ?53mm driver with maximum aperture that is "SOLID BASS" series sound playback with sharp, deep and specially designed driver ?53 WS99. Well as low-frequency representation of depth and sharp, is expressed beautifully contours the mid and high ranges. ? By arranged (chamber) air chamber of the double structure in the case of housing low-pass play that is locked in a double air chamber mechanism that has evolved to increase the damping effect of the air, to play a low-pass with a tight . ? The driver unit can be mounted directly to the aluminum housing of the adoption of precision cutting with excellent acoustic properties eliminate unwanted vibration mounts directly to the driver precision cutting large diameter aluminum housing, eliminating unwanted vibration. I realize the playback sound with a sense of speed and depth. ? You can call on your smartphone and operation (play / pause music and video / story final answer /), ? 1 down the volume, volume adjustment does not require power ? 2 ? 1 comes with a microphone extension cord as possible. I will not be silenced even minimized. ? some smartphones 2 may not be able to operate the play / pause music and video. ? adopting the headband can be adjusted stepless stepless adjustment headband can freely adjust any position, according to the desired length is possible. / ? There is a case that does not work properly with some models. For applicable models, please check with the manufacturer page.

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  1. saulcxc
    "The best bass"
    Pros - Great Bass!!!
    Cons - Not



    Best serious headphone bass that I have heard, you can listen for hours without tiring, bass are of great quality, his head shakes if you use an amplifier! The best is that bass not disturb the music!

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  2. Tyler Nicolo
    "Lots of BASS without too many sacrifices. "
    Pros - Great low end, very punchy, crisp highs
    Cons - Mids suffer a bit
    First thing you're going to notice with these cans is, of course, the bass. When properly amp'd, these things almost pop off your head. I haven't heard the JVC sz2000 or the Sony XB1000, but these have the most bass I've experienced so far. Some cans have punch but no sub, others have sub but lack punch. The ATH-WS99 has both. The highs are surprisingly clear. The mids are recessed and veiled. I have no problems with build quality and comfort.
    Side note: I got these off of Sears website for $34 bucks with free shipping, refurbished from the factory. A freaking steal if you ask me. I thought it was too good to be true, until they came in the mail. They list for $250. I've seen them on Amazon for less than $150. If I paid $250 for these I'd probably be unhappy. They aren't bad headphones at all. But the lack of clarity in the mids doesn't make them sound like 250 dollar headphones. 
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  3. Mottom
    "excellent phones"
    Pros - great bass and better soundstage + midrange than people expect from a $170 phone
    Cons - no carry case
    These phones have largely been ignored because AT did a lousy job of advertising and promoting them.

    I took a flyer on them hoping that they'd be a great portable for commmuting and use at work. After more than a year with them, I'd gladly make the purchase again. I have heard others talk about pain, but I haven't experienced any and I have a very large head. I did flex the metal band a bit to minimize clamping force and that seemed to do the trick.

    I've owned the older M50s and my wife has the new M50X. The WS99's are considerably better than both: wider soundstage, better midrange, and far deeper and cleaner bass. Many would think these phone might be best for rock and pop, but I have had great success with folk, vocal jazz, and classical too.

    The aluminum cups and thin build actually make them lighter than the M50 series, but the materials touch on the 99's is better, without feeling flimsy. These phones are a great all-around choice. You won't be disappointed.
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