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Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 Headphones

  1. jrubins
    Great sound quality if you like electrostatic speakers.
    Written by jrubins
    Published Jan 30, 2014
    Pros - Detailed, insightful, textured presentation in the mids/upper registers. Comfortable, with phenomenal build quality
    Cons - lack of bass
    I've had these cans for a couple of years, and I got them knowing they had a 'forward' tonal presentation. That calms down after some serious break in time, but they are still quite bass-shy. Bass is definitely there through the range of acoustic instruments, but they aren't going to faithfully represent the deepest double bass kicks when you are rocking out to some Slayer. That said, they are textured, detailed, and nuanced in their presentation. You can *feel* the bite of rosined bow on string, hear the space around the players - hell, you can even hear if the players are nervous :) 
    I wish the tonal balance extended further down into the lower registers, but if I want detail, texture, and air these are the cans I reach for. 
    Equipment : Fiio E17, Macbook Pro. Pioneer SACD player, audio alchemy DAC ,My trusty old technics integrated. Other phones Monster Turbine Pro Copper, Etymotic er6i, Ultimate Ears Super Fi Pro 5.
  2. bedlam inside
    Great design and ergonomics - shame about the sound
    Written by bedlam inside
    Published Mar 17, 2013
    Pros - Great looks/feel, very easy to wear, impeccable build
    Cons - A positively awful tonal balance, criminally bass shy and overemphasised mids make them sound like a megaphone
    I did not really find anything that I liked a lot in the tonality of these headphones, As low points, a lack of bass, a forward, high frequency emphasised sound. I’d be hard pressed to listen to anything on these for enjoyment or even background listening, personally speaking. I like them less than the by far cheaper Grado’s. As these are closed back headphones sound output from the headphones is lowered, which can be the deciding factor in some cases.
    These headphones are an enigma to me. A lot of care and effort has gone into their design and I can only conclude that the tonal balance with all its faults and flaws was designed intentionally like this. Maybe this type of sound will appeal to some, in me it produced a strong rejection. 
    I really wanted to like these headphones, they look great, I can afford them and wearing them feels great, but the sound quality is a total letdown to me. If only I could have the sound of the Sennheiser HD-600 with the build and price tag of the ATH-W1000, I’d go and buy one now.

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