Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT


500+ Head-Fier
Outperformed my expectations for that price
Pros: Surprisingly decent/good soundstage, tight and punchy bass, versatile sound signature (good for listening EDM but does a great job at POP or HIP HOP tracks just as well), insane battery life.
Cons: Lack of premium feel (cheap materials), no usb-c, no 3.5mm jack.
Honestly I was not expecting this much given that they cost less than 80EUR. I was quite surprised and quickly replaced my aging Plantronics BackBeat Pro with those. Initially I was planning to buy more expensive cans as a replacement for Plantronics but after using those for awhile frankly I see no need.

These are one of those cans that just make the tracks sound good. Sometimes even when you know that recording/mixing is not the best. A bit like JVC with nanotubes but in a very different way (obviously). Overall very pleased.

Bass is punchy and present, but is also tight - sounds almost capped when playing tracks which you know are poorly mixed with overwhelming amount of bass. So it's not in your face in a tiring way that it would bleed into mids, but still hits pretty hard.

Cons - They do lack premium feel (comfort is fine), no usb-c, no 3.5mm jack.
No ANC however they still do provide decent isolation.

EDIT: I must admit I'm now actually using them EQed as after awhile I did start to want them be more 'lively'. That being said, CALs in comparison fall short in terms of sub-bass and overall sound quality, EQed or not.
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