Audio Technica ATH-SJ33 BK Black | DJ Style Portable Headphones (Japan Import)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Very good isolation , Super low sound leakage , Quiet clear sound , Wires look tough!
Cons: Bass is not strong (which is fine with me!) , sometimes annoying when it's hanging on your neck!(because of some sharp places!)
i've bought them 3 days ago and i'm quiet satisfied with it ... sound is comfortable ... such a  good isolation that you don't need to use high volume stages to understand details ,,, and also it's very portable!!!


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Comfortable, FUN sounding headphone with good bass, vocals, and treble
Cons: bass bit boomy, treble rather peaky. Not very wide cup.
Another forgotten entry level gem.
This headphone is very fun: punchy, meaty bass which could reach deep if tad loose, forward vocal (great both for male and female vocals!), and sparkly treble (simmering, and with enough energy).
Very nice isolation, I could wear them on bus. Actually it's so good I don't have to crank the volume up. No noise leakage.
The cup is not very wide, so they rest on my ears (which pretty large) but the pad are very nice comfy! The build quality is very good, it's all from plastic but it's very sturdy. I'm not afraid to toss it around. Okay maybe not around, but it did could handle some rough moments. And it fold-able too!!! Nice for commuting.
It's not the smoothest sounding headphone but its very fun! Kind of Grado-fun, but with less treble, and much, much, much more bass. The bass is meaty, and big, which make Grado sounded lean and thin. The Grado sounded much airy though, while SJ33 has this boxed feeling.
Wide sound-stage but it's very flat compared to my Goldring DR150. Nice details, FOR THE PRICE, but don't expect it to beat a USD100 or more headphone. SJ33 is not detail monster like Superlux HD668B, nor flat and monitor sounding like Shure SH440 or even Superlux HD668B (Yes, HD668B is THAT good). It's more like, fun headphone for both home and travel. It's very musical!!!
If you tired of those details revealing monsters, just grab a SJ33 and enjoy fun moments!