Audio Technica ATH-PRO5MK2 CM CAMOUFLAGE | DJ Headphones (Japan Import)

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Pros: Good Bass, Decent Highs, Durable Design
Cons: Lack of Mids, Comfort Issues
Pros: Tight Seal, Comfortable, Bass
Cons: Highs and Mids (Somewhat)
The PRO5MK2's are fun headphones. That being said, it's difficult being an audiophile and using these as my out and about cans. Perhaps because that it's a not true neutral sound, but these are are DJ headphones- so that makes sense.
The bass is wonderful. Notable bass, perhaps even rivaling the M50's, but surely not the PRO700's. This could be attributed to it's tight tight seal. I feel they may be slightly more neutral than the M50's perhaps giving you a better DJ monitor than the heavier bass of the M50's. The bass doesn't bleed into the mids too bad, but the mids arn't the sharpest or super sparkly.
They're really comfortable and the camo ones are pretty sexy. However, there is a silver ring where the c joint meets the actual headphone that I never saw in any publicity photos. 
If you're looking for your first audiophile quality DJ phones, get the M50's which are a bit more expensive… but if you're looking for some smaller fun and great looking DJ cans to go out with, these are great. There's no mistaking that the M50's are better all round headphones.. But these are my going out headphones and I love it them. 
If you want unique headphones, want a bassier neutral sound signature good for most genres, love Audio Technica, and don't mind importing from Japan, get these headphones- you'll be the only one in the state with them. 
Unless you're in Maine.
I don't like the Beats because they don't sound as good as how they cost. I currently own an SJ 33 and have future plans to upgrade to bigger cans. In my short list are the following: Audio Technica Pro5Mk2 and Pioneer HDJ500. I can't afford ATH Pro700MK2(preferred) and ATH M50 but I've read and heard that these two can out perform anything in the price range except V-Moda(also preferred). I've tried the Pro5v and I liked it but it just lacks the bass kick which I missed in SJ33 and Fanny Wangs. Also Pro5v has a weird distortion in heavy metal songs which I'm not sure if it is the song quality in the Apple store demo units fault. I listen to multiple genre of songs about 80% of it pop or rap and the rest are heavy metal and Beethoven. So, does these cans work for my taste in your opinion or should be looking for something else like HDJ500?
Very nice headphone. I own an audio technica ATH-M50WH and I am very happy with it.
I had a pair of these. I can say 2 things about them:
1. They are very well built for the price.
2. They sound fine. Not perfect, but I had good luck mixing with them. I think they make good monitor cans (if you have other headphones/speakers to reference as well).

I really loved these headphones and I'm not really sure why. They just have some kind of special quality to them. Maybe it's that they're kind of adorable for the price you pay.


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