Audio Technica ATH-M50RD Limited Edition Headphones Quick shipment !!

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  1. DigitalGrounder
    "Pure Essence"
    Pros - Beautiful sound quality, good construction, comfortable, and portable.
    Cons - Non-detachable cable, comes with non-protective carrying pouch.
    Ok to start off this review I need to clarify that I am not an audiophile; nothing about me is audiophile related except for the love of music and headphones. So lets start off this review:
    First lets talk about the construction of this headphone, so i got this headphone around $150, and i got what i expected from it, it is made out of plastic, but by no means its not bad. Its very sturdy and I honestly have no bother of them breaking on me. So build quality is right where it should be, no bother there whatsoever. The cable is not detachable, which was a downfall to me because if the cable breaks then the entire headphone is trashed, "BUT" Audio Technica made up for that by making the cable very thick and durable, so i kinda don't have any worries of the cable breaking; also the cable is coiled on this model, which means that it will prevent the cable from snugging on an object so the coil will prevent tension on the cable, so thats a plus there. If your not interested in the coiled cable there is a version called the "Ath-M50S" which stands for straight cable; but on the straight version cable, the cable is "VERY VERY VERY long", but this headphone is meant for monitoring, so its meant to be moved around a room without the jack being unplugged. Now the jack on this headphone is really well built, the cable connecting to the jack has a spring on it so it prevents the cable from getting kinked or bent. The jack itself is completely made of a durable metal with a screw on/off quarter inch adapter for stereo's and home equipment. So Build Quality overall on this headphone is pretty good for the price you pay for.
    Next I'm gonna talk about the comfort, so the Ath-m50rd allows anybody's head to have a perfect fit. Really you can have a head shaped like a pterodactyl and this headphone will still have a perfect fit. Because the M50rd's ear cups can swivel a whole 180 degrees, and the ear cups can be flipped out, so basically this headphone can adjust to "ANYBODY'S" head. Now the ear cups are made out of synthetic leather and on the inside has a soft foam, i don't think its soft enough to be memory foam but its pretty soft; also the ear cups are shaped like an oval, so this means that the ear cups will fit directly around the human ear. So overall this headphone is very, very comfortable, but the ear cups are not breathable so your ears will get hot and sweaty.
    Now the design of this headphone is quite generic, in my opinion. I just think that this headphone looks to plain, thats why i got the red version. But this headphone in black or white is just to plain.
    Ok now what you've guys been really wanting to know, "How Does It Sound?" Well let me tell you, this is the clearest sounding headphone I've ever listened to, it is on the warm side of neutral, the lows are very deep and clean; the midrange is accurate, clean, and well balanced; the high end works well enough with the mid range. Just the experience i've had with these headphones really amazed me. Since these have a low impediance, these will work well with mp3 devices, but using these headphones with an amp; these headphones will shine. Its amazed me, and i'm quite honored to have a pair of these headphones. If I were to have any complaint on the sound quality, i would say that the high end could have some work, its okay, but it could be better. So overall, i'm very pleased of the audio quality on these headphones, it really is pure essence.
    Now the value, i would say its completely worth your money, i'm actually surprised that its very low priced. Because these sound like $300-$400 headphones, but you can get them for $160 and lower on websites all the time.
    So this headphone comes with a non-protective carrying pouch, so this was a downfall to me, but you can buy a hard carrying case on amazon, I recommend the Slappa hardbody PRO headphone case. It is reliable and it will protect your investment.
    Overall this headphone is excellent and i'm very happy with it. It Really is "Pure essence"