Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones

General Information

A perfect choice for project studio engineers, home recordists and recording musicians, Audio Technica's ATH-M30 features include neodymium magnet structure for exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy for mixing.

Latest reviews

Pros: Clarity, comfort, build quality
Cons: Doesn't fold up
I purchased these headphones back when I didn't know that much about headphones, but, now that I know a lot more (thanks to you guys), I can see that these headphones were definitely a good purchase.
Highs - The highs produced with these headphones are extremely crisp sounding and clear. Little distortion. They are not harsh whatsoever either.
Mids - Mids are present and not generally recessed. Clean and clear.
Lows/Bass - These headphones have clear bass that doesn't overpower any other range of frequencies 
Soundstage - Not much depth. Very wide, though. These do fairly well when playing music with a lot of soundstage in the recording.
Comfort - These are some of the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. After a bit of time having them on, you almost feel like you're not wearing any headphones at all. I can wear these for hours and hours without any discomfort. Comfort is amazing with these. They don't get hot either.
Design - These are pretty similar to other studio monitor headphones like the Sony MDR-V6, but these don't fold up, unfortunately. This is not really an issue, due to the fact that these are not very portable in the first place with an 11.5' cord. The cups can turn only a few degrees left and right, but they swivel downwards when needed.
Value - At the price, I have yet to hear a pair of headphones that have the same amount of clarity as these. Definitely worth it.
Overall - A pair of high-quality headphones that are great for producing, recording, and listening in general. Very flat sounding.
Pros: Long cable. Excellent audio range. Comfortable.
Cons: None found yet.
I just purchased these headphones to replace my old Sony MDR-V150 pair and I have yet to find fault with them. I'm doing the burn in now. They seem to sound better and better. I'm planning on using them for personal recording and some live mixing. I'll come back in about a month and edit this. 


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