Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 Portable Headphones, Black

General Information

The Audio Technica ATHES7 Headphones blend an ultra-sleek contemporary stainless steel design and outstanding acoustic performance. This fold-flat design delivers impactful sound, exceptional isolation, efficient signal transfer, and a secure, comfortable fit.

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Pros: Tight bass, sweet mids, very fun
Cons: Not the most extended highs or detailed lows, fragile cable
I'm an Audio Technica fanboy, and I love their sound.

Compared to the AD2000 headphone with a Gilmore Lite and Bel Canto DAC3, I actually didn't miss it when I only had my ES7.
Just a nice headphone to have for fun listening. I used the 'phat pad' mod for both.
The ES7 and the AD2000 share a more similar sound signature than the other ATH cans.
The two extremes that the various Audio-Technica headphones seem to try to balance, 1) coloured mids and 2) balanced frequency response and PRaT.
The happy medium would be considered a 'fun' headphone.
Some of AudioTechnica's headphones can come across as tedious, depending on your personal taste of course. The W5000 and AD2000 come to mind. Technically proficient with detailed, balanced enough frequency response and PRaT but not as much about 'fun'.
Because of the trademark Audio-Technica sweet mids they are all all are indeed musical to a certain degree.
The W11jpn are the closest I've heard to bridging the gap between the two extremes of having sweet, musical mids while maintaining balanced frequency response/detail/PRaT.
The W3000anv is more about coloured mids and musicality than about balanced frequency response, so it would win the 'most musical' award.

Those particular rare headphone aside, the ES7 hit the 'fun' nail on the head. It has a balanced frequency response and the ATH musical midrange, what more could you ask for?
Neutral enough to be considered an all-rounder for most genres of music, sweet enough sounding to specialise in certain genres.

I owned these and the Senn HD25-1 concurrently and it was hard to decide which to reach for a lot of days.
The HD25-1 (with HD650 cable) is technically more advanced & more neutral, but the ES7 was a specialist with the genres I was listening to at the time.
These were psy-breaks, psy-trance, hip-hop.
I reached for the Senn HD25-1 more for jazz and downtempo.

For some reason I'm more sentimentally drawn to the ES7 than the HD25-1, maybe it's the mirror finish which indeed inspires pride in ownership.
Pros: Sound, Style, Modable, Value, Sleek
Cons: Comfort, Rubber headband
I got a good deal on these and took the chance since I owned the AD-700 and tested the M-50 once.  Audio Technica knows what sound is and they do a fantastic job for their low price headphones.  After reading that these things have nice bass and people prefer them over the AD-700, I had to give them a try.  I wasn't impressed at first, but people said with burn-in, they become better.  So I burned them in a little and they were definitely correct in that aspect.  The bass started to come out as well as the clarity in the other frequencies.  The comfort wasn't bad at first, but once I had them on my head for several hours my ears were in throbbing pain after I took them off, especially my left ear.  It hurt worse than any headphone I have ever tried before.  So I put them on a large box like someone suggested and they are doing much better.  I still have to stretch them out for a few more days but it's tons better and I don't think I will sell them anymore.  If the comfort is improved, these are the best headphones you can get under $200 easily.  I did a few comfort mods like bending the headband bars and that helped a little but not much.  I also did some mods like blue tack inside the cup and that definitely brought out the bass.  The bass is decently controlled, but it lacks detail.  It hits plenty hard considering the size of these things, but I wish it was more controlled with greater resolution.  The shiny mirror finish on these things had me sold as well.  So if your looking for a cheap, very good sounding travel headphone, you can't go wrong with these.  They are very easy to drive as well.
Pros: look good, good sound quality amp driven or not
Cons: wire looks weak
I purchased these primarily for travelling for £134 GBP and was looking something a bit cool, so after reviewing it hear felt I could take a gamble and buy these online without trying them first, my home cans are Senn's 598 and these are not for public use, though I have tried and No No
on opening the packing I was pleasently surprised that the phones small and as I have small ears fitted me nice, checked the mirror and the image was positive as having a bald head can make can look enormous but these looked good.
Plugged it into my blackberry 9780, played a range of music from Reggae (lovers Rock), Jazz Hip Hop, Soulful house, Latin and thought they performed well, but had a flat feeling overall but very listenable regardless, had I paid over the odds.......well if you got an amp, plugged my Fiio 11 into the "berry" and plugged the Es7's in......slowly turned it up....these cans started to become alive, played around with the EQ settings and Hi/lo gain and these phones can pump out very loud whilst not distorting over a wide range of music (MP4's 256k to 320k). 
The soundstage is good, but my only complaint is that I found these phones fatiguing when played them above the 3rd volume setting on my Fiio 11. When played low, the mids are recessed and highs a little dull but that is a minor point as they can be brought forward with volume but overall I am happy and willing to compromise on a nice looking pair of phones.
Comfort - on Head, I notice them on but not in a bad way, having a bald head when you take the phones off I was aware of pressure being relieved, but not feeling much pressure on the head when wearing them.
Comfort - On Ears, I wear glasses, but have very small ears, the cup covers my entire ears, i am not experiencing any discomfort but cannot tell how much leakage the phones have, I feel like I can wear these for a very long time providing the volume is at a sensible level.
Well i'm looking next week at my 2 hour commute by train each way and record my experience and post it to test the semi closed leakage annoyance to other passengers and the extent of external noise when played at a comfortable level.
Wires ARE weak. Ok I may not have treated them with the greatest care as I travelled a lot and the wire sometime got messsed up in the bag but the wires did break in only a few months. I wished portable headphones were sturdier.


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