1. Leonarfd
    Good cheap and portable can
    Written by Leonarfd
    Published Jan 28, 2013
    Pros - Nice sound and quite neutral.
    Cons - Not soft enough on the ears compared to other on ears.
    Not much to say, it is better than other entry on ear headphones in how neautral the sound is. But some other headphones in the same range can have a more fun sound and better comfort. But when compared to some over the ear design headphones in the same price range the sound can feel abit lacking in my opinion. The sound is accurate and fast and quite neutral sounding but abit tiresome with the highs. But it is a really cheap headphone so it is worth the money imo.
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  2. LittleEgg
    Audio Technica ATH-ES55
    Written by LittleEgg
    Published Feb 26, 2011
    Pros - Nice tight bass, Detailed, Soundstage/three dementional, Portable + looks
    Cons - UK price compared to other countries
    Very brief....
    These are the first portable cans i have owned where i have been pleased from the very fiirst track i listened to with them.....sound is great even before burn in, and 10 hours in they keep improving naturally.
    Nice tight bass, decent detail, nice soundstage/three dementional, comfotable(despite other opinions), and very attractive looking......oh and great synergy with both FiiO E5/E7, for those looking for value and super sound.
    Simple yet lovely looking design.
    I really cannot think of any negatives beyond the slightly bloated UK price....but on reflection even that can be forgiven, because i have had more expensive cans that sound far worse.
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