Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM Adjustable Aluminum Clip-On Headphones

General Information

Audio-Technica’s popular ATH-EM7 GM clip-on headphones provide outstanding performance in a sleek, lightweight package. These dynamic headphones offer a secure, comfortable ear-fitting design for long-wearing listening and sophisticated driver technology for outstanding sonic clarity. Each earphone is encased in a super durable double-forged aluminum alloy housing and equipped with an innovative sliding axis for easy adjustment and a truly custom fit. Soft rubber support loops and large, lightweight ear hangers are engineered for hours of listening without fatigue.

Latest reviews

Pros: So comfy you can barely feel them, great sound, high quality construction, tangle free modular cable, includes carrying case.
Cons: Leak tons of sound, can be problematic when taking on and off.
The first time I saw these was in the PS2 game Persona 3 trailer. I though those where some good looking headphones, but wasn't aware they were an actual model made by Audio Technica. I got this for a discounted price on Amazon some years later. They have a modular cable design so you can wear them with a sansa clip of iPod nano without the long wire. Both the principal and the extension are convered in cloth that doesn't transmit noise when moving around. The plugs are gold plated and the extension is L shaped. Everything comes in a nice soft carrying case.
The headphones themselves are made out of aluminum and are extremely good looking. The holder clip is amazing. the metal wire on top gives it form but only the silicone loose hook touches your ear and holds them in place. It has a locking mechanism, meaning it clicks when opened and closed so you know they are secure. Not only that, but the height on the hook can be adjusted by sliding the cilinder connected to the drivers themselves. It's still working after all that use I find it amazing. The headphones are closed back but they leak lots of sound since they don't push that hard into your ear. The pad is not foam, but soft silky cloth; at the beginning I was worried because it didn't have any replacements but I'm happy to tell you that they haven't worn out considerably since I got them. 
Their sound is amazing! Specially the highs which are crystal clear and beautiful, while the mids are rich. The only issue is the bass; it is tight, really tight, but lacks punch, although that was expented. Instrument separation is something I wasn't expenting these to excel but they really do, so they are perfect for instrumental and sound impressive with orchestral works. 


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