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  • Audio Technica ATH-CM707

    Duct resonance structure is adopted the new design that allows you to play some low-frequency punch to complement the thickness of the sound.
    Resonance structure is adopted to complement the missing new duct design inherent to the sound of the bass Earbuds. You can enjoy low-pass play was solid.
    Achieve high-resolution playback in the mid-high range driver φ15.4mm new development.
    Headphones are proud as a class with the largest, the development of new drivers φ15.4mm. To achieve an excellent mid-high range resolution playback.
    Excellent feeling of wearing high elastic elastomer material crank Bush of aluminum alloy and precision cutting.
    Enclosure is lightweight aluminum alloy is adopted shaving. In addition, the Bush unit eliminates the deviation of the listening point by applying the crank handle using the elastomer material with high elasticity, and improve wearing comfort.
    Available according to the scene in the extension cord 0.6m +0.6 m body.
    To consider how to connect a headphone amplifier, the body adopted an extension cord 0.6m +0.6 m. To adjust the code to suit a variety of usage scenarios, it can be used.
    Comes with an easy-to-carry pouch.
    Accessories can be stored without entangling the code, the tone leather pouch containing the partition. Is useful for portable and also has the additional advantage of easily scratch the body.


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