Audio-Technica ATH-CKW1000ANV Inner Ear Headphones 50th Anniversary Edition 2,500 Limited

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Pros: Treble extension is gorgeous. CKW1000's Dynamic driver sounds like a hybrid.
Cons: Treble and vocals can get sibilant, need to use the proper eartips (not really a con).
I'm using eartips I found on a pair of Dollar Store earbuds. They look like JVC Spiral dot tips but with a larger dameter opening, more rubbery too. I also tried the CKW1000anv with the JVC's Spiral Dot tips and Hifiman RE0 Small Biflanges. Its a toss up of your preferred signature with these tips but they all sound superb. Spiral Dot tips surprisingly sound the worst of the bunch.

Anyways I have to give the CKW1000anv a 5-Star rating for the incredible performance it's shown, namely Treble Extension capabilities of the driver, im still in awe, its like there's no end.
***(i heard this extension when using the tips that came with the dollar store earbuds)

Timbre is top notch as well.

mark2410, im sure the great people at audio technica didnt make a 50th anniversary phone for some giggles.

just need to find the right eartips....

and yes, the CKW1000anv delivers for EDM


^here's a pic of the dollar store eartips.
Just shows how different ours ears are, my experience was the complete opposite, undoubtably the most disappointing IEM in my Head Fi history
yup, they are very treble happy. The most treble i've heard from any IEM. so if you cant handle lots of treble stay far, far away. I agree with the other reviewer about having a good seal as well.
i've come to the conclusion that the RE0 small biflanges and also Meelec small biflanges (Meelec might have more bass, hit harder) sound the best with the CKW1000anv. Audio bliss. What these tips do is they neutralize the frequency spectrum. No more treble harshness, just enveloping music. Bass sounds deep and soundstage is wide. Anyone is welcome to try this combo some time, its great.
Pros: Good name, nice build quality
Cons: Terrible price to sound ratio
[size=12pt]ATH-CKW1000ANV Quick Review[/size]
[size=12pt](Thread here, )[/size]
[size=12pt]Thanks to[/size] [size=12pt]SwimSonny[/size] [size=12pt]for the loan.[/size]

[size=12pt]Brief:  Audio Technica had an Anniversary[/size]
[size=12pt]Price: Circa £456 on ebay before HMRC has a go at them[/size]
[size=12pt]Specification:  Driver Diameter 14 mm, Frequency Response 5 - 30,000 Hz Maximum Input Power 200 mW, Sensitivity 103 dB/mW, Impedance 17 ohms, Weight 11 g without cable Cable 0.6 m, Y-type, Connector 3.5 mm (1/8") mini stereo, gold-plated,[/size]
[size=12pt]Accessories:  Leather case; interchangeable earpieces (XS, S, M, L); 0.6 m extension cord; polishing cloth[/size]
[size=12pt]Build Quality:  The thing is wood and Titanium, AT do some of the best build quality in the world.[/size]
[size=12pt]Isolation:  Meh, very little.  These are really open and maybe that works for you but I wouldn’t use these out and about.[/size]
[size=12pt]Comfort/Fit:  Rather nice.  They sit super shallow but were very comfortable and easy to stick in.[/size]
[size=12pt]Aesthetics:  For something that wood and Titanium they look nothing special.  Tbh I didn’t realise they had wood on them until I saw it in their description and then I looked.  They are just dark and uneventful visually.[/size]
[size=12pt]Sound: Meh.  These don’t sound especially good at all and never mind their price.  They aren’t terrible but their bass is really rolled off due to not being well sealed.  It not especially quick, it fairly quick and has a bit of punch to it but then I remember the price and I am underwhelmed.  The mids again are so so.  In fact they really come very close to being sibilant and I can’t say I’m wildly enjoying them at all.  It’s never a good a sign when I start turning down the volume and they are just not making me enjoy them.  The highs, meh.  They exist but are muted and lack extension.  I realise I’m not being overly technical but I don’t see a point.  These where limited edition so never freely available and now out of production so if you don’t have a set you probably won’t be getting one.  You won’t after this anyway.  They don’t sound terrible but with the standard you can get for £100 today I can think of no reason at all to buy these unless you want them for their rarity.[/size]
[size=12pt]Value:  Terrible, insanely expensive for nothing but meh’ness.[/size]
[size=12pt]Pro’s:  Good name, nice build quality[/size]
[size=12pt]Con’s:  Terrible price to sound ratio[/size]


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