Audio Technica ATH-CKM55 Earbuds - Black

General Information

Newly developed 12.5mm drivers ensure high-quality sound . Built-in stabilizer reduces unwanted vibrations and delivers pure tones . Comfortable, ideal-fit earpieces provide noise isolation and prevent sound leakage. Gold-plated mini-plug for exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity and low noise. Frequency response: 5Hz - 24kHz . Includes pouch, interchangeable ear tips (S/M/L), and 1m extension cord

Latest reviews

Pros: High noise isolation, sound quality.
Cons: Somewhat scarce amount of accessories, cable noise, cable is a bit long for a pair of earphones.
Audio-Technica is a really well known brand when it comes to audio-products. They are the makers of the highly praised Audio-Technica ATH-M50 studio monitor headphones. 
I basically purchased these earphones out of curiosity because i have never owned an Audio-Technica product. 
Build Quality/Design: The build of these earphones is pretty good, in my opinion. They are comprised of aluminum accents, and plastic to save on weight. They have a half in ear, half earbud design, so a portion of the earphone sits outside of your ear canal, which i believe helps with comfort. Cable quality is decent, for a $79 to $85 product. It is a little thin for my liking in terms of the top half of the cable, but the bottom half is decently thick, so it can minimize the amount of tangles that occur. The cable is terminated in a straight angle jack, and it comes with an extension cable, which adds length, and it is terminated in a right angle, slim 90 degree jack. 
Comfort: The CKM55 earphones are very comfortable, no matter what size of ear tip i choose. The housing is a bit big, but since the nozzle where you put the ear tip sits in your ear, and only the nozzle, it makes these earphones one of the most comfortable earphones i have tried. Audio-Technica provided pairs of XS, S, M, and L sized eartips so people who buy this earphone can get the right fit and comfort level. For me, the large ones are good, as are the other ones that are provided.
Isolation: Now, this part is actually really good. i count three vents on the back of each earpiece, but even with that, isolation is above average. So, these would be a pretty good option for people who commute a lot, or those who want to put these in and shut out the world. I wore these once for about two hours straight while sleeping in the car, and while i was sleeping, i actually was surprised at how good the noise isolation was, but then again, these are earphones, and they generally block out more sounds than headphones, because it is easier to get a good seal. 
Sound: Thankfully, this area is where i think the CKM55 earphones shine! Starting with the bass, it is very chesty sounding, very 'in your face'. It sounds like it is elevated over the rest of the music, but it really is not. It is very nice, impactful, and satisfying, especially to beat-driven, and bass oriented music, like dubstep and electronic dance music. Rock music sounds really good with these, but i don't think they shine with that particular genre. The midrange is well integrated with the bass and it does favor female vocals over male vocals, like a lot of audio-technica products, but it does not completely leave the male vocals out of the mix. They still have enough warmth and energy to make them very satisfying. The treble is clean, crisp, and it has good resolution to it so the soundstage is better than other earphones i have heard.
Conclusion: If you are looking to spend $70-$100 on a pair of headphones or earphones, and only that amount, i think these are well worth the price!  


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