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Audio Technica ATH-CKM500 BK | Inner Headphones (Japan Import)


Recent Reviews

  1. vaziyetu
    Please, what is this now ?
    Written by vaziyetu
    Published Nov 14, 2014
    Pros - Sounds big, compared to absolutely worse models.
    Cons - 30-60hz deep bass is weak. Treble is extremely harsh, comes amplified without any improvement in clarity.
    i just can't believe how people like everything they buy. this thing incorporates one of the worse treble productions i've seen to date. do your ears a favor and keep out from this.
    after tried some models from this company, i instantly get it. this company just shows you an attractive casing and puts crippled drivers in it to make your money go away. there's a lot better products, don't be fooled by the image.
    note: don't worry i've used the original product. mine was bought from accessoryjack, it came with the box. i sold it to an audio-technica fan who used multiple ckm500's and other ath products from different sellers including cdjapan (and he verified it). i also tried the cks55x with another audio-technica fan who already got everything they offer.
    visit my table for further comparisons and informations
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    2. LajostheHun
      I don't know about half star, but I agree, this model is rather bad borderline unlistenable. I had mine since March so it has some hours in them but I can't listen to them much longer then 20 mins or so at the time. My main culprit is it's treble and upper midrange. The latter is rather hollow, and the treble is recessed but it manage to be sibilant at the same time, especially when one boost it via EQ. Bass is heavy on the upper registers but light on the lower end.
      LajostheHun, Nov 29, 2014
    3. cjs001
      I see. Well I just bought a pair of ATH IM70 so hopefully they don't sound as bad.
      cjs001, Nov 29, 2014
    4. Isssma
      @cjs001, it would be better to check his profile first before concluding that these pair is bad.
      Isssma, Dec 17, 2015
  2. volly
    Fantastic iem by Audio Technica
    Written by volly
    Published Jan 9, 2013
    Pros - Awesome performance for the price!
    Cons - Should have bought more!
    Recommended by Dsnuts, was told that it will be an upgrade from the TT Isarus.
    Much more refined and beautiful bass!
    Mid's and High's are complimented with a delicious refined low end.
    Soundstage is full and wide with great detail and clarity. Very fluid, very listenable and non fatiguing!
    Comfortable and stays securely in your ear. Changed the tips to comply T-400's which improved the isolation and making the sound even more alive.
    These will be my daily's for a very long time and it will be sad when they are finally replaced but my next IEM's have big shoes to fill!
  3. Gozzer
    Best bang for the buck
    Written by Gozzer
    Published Sep 8, 2012
    Pros - Smooth overall sound, large soundstage
    Cons - Isolation good not great
    I own variety of more expensive IEM however these have to be my favorite. This is mostly due to the huge sound stage which sounds like a full size over the ear headphone.
    The highs are crisp clean with good detail and without sibilance.
    The mids although slightly recessed still have good presence. The vocals on a good recording will float just above the instruments.
    The base is rich and full and will go very low without a lot of bloating. The base may not be big enough to satisfy a base head, however and analytical listen would consider it big. I listen to rock which I would consider the amount just right.
    Comparing these to the HA-FXT90 I would say they are pretty close in signature but not the same.
    The CKM500 having the edge as they have slightly less treble extension but not a lot. Its just enough to keep it from being strident as the FX90 can sometimes be on certain recordings.
    1. Sweden
      Too bad that Audio Technica had to put on a microphonic cable on these. Common guys, I you know you have to knowledge to do it right!
      I like to wear them reversed and over ears with a homemade slider. This cuts cable noise 95%.
      Sweden, Sep 9, 2012


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