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Audio Technica ATH-AD700

  1. sennheiserhd485
    A great choice for $100!
    Written by sennheiserhd485
    Published Aug 28, 2011
    The Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 is a great all-arounder for $100. The soundstage and clarity are fantastic for a headphone in this price range. These headphones are great with genres that are not bass heavy. One can hear the bass notes, but there is no bass impact. They lean towards a more forward sound. The Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 can be run efficiently off a portable player.
  2. kylencvi
    Excellent for the low price
    Written by kylencvi
    Published Aug 14, 2011
    Pros - Good audio quality, excellent sound-stage, decent price,
    Cons - Lacking on the lower end spectrum of the frequency response.
    Bought these for pc gaming and listening to music from my pc as well as my first foray into more expensive headphones(these aren't expensive by head-fi standard I'm sure).
    Before these I've been using KSC-75 for home use and a pair of Soundmagic PL-50 (now broken).
    It's extremely good sound-stage definitely helps with first person shooter for positioning especially when used for games with a decent audio engine like Bad Company 2, countless of times you'll be able to tell where the enemies are just by listening to audio cues alone. Something that wasn't possible with the PL-50 or the Koss.
    Music; my source is a Xonar DG with Foobar 2k via WASAPI in exclusive mode.
    When listening to BGM/OST tracks such as the "The World's Enemy (from FFVII "One-Winged Angel")" rearranged by Kazuhiko Toyama for FFVII Crisis Core, I can clearly hear the separate instruments clearly and there's obvious separation. Unfortunately, there is a need to bump up the 30Hz and 60Hz EQ by +10dB and +5dB to get the best from this track as the heavy percussion drums are part of the best part of the track.
    Other genre that I enjoy such as rock, alternative are also more enjoyable when using this pair of headphones compared to the really in your face feeling of the KSC-75 although compared to some of the earlier Plantronics gaming headphones, the Koss is no slouch either.
    As I mentioned earlier, these headphones seems to have very good soundstage; so if you are a big fan or orchestra music without having the hassle of paying expensive tickets and getting to the venue (but those are still worth going!). These are VERY enjoyable for orchestra arrangements with multiple instruments coming at you and you can almost feel the space.
    This pretty much sums up my first review for my head-fi.
    (I actually lurked head-fi for many years but managed to keep my wallet sane but I've signed up to response to a trade thread this time)
  3. Brooko
    ATH-AD700 "Comfort and Soundstage"
    Written by Brooko
    Published Aug 11, 2011
    Pros - Extremely comfortable, good mid-range and treble, large soundstage, very good value
    Cons - Highs can be grainy, bass-light, loose fitting
    The ATH-AD700 is an open circumaural can with a wing design for added comfort.
    Technical specs:
    1. Type: Open air dynamic
    2. Driver: 53mm Neodymium magnet. Copper clad aluminum wire bobbin type voice coil
    3. Sound Pressure Level: 98db/mW
    4. Frequency Response: 5~30000Hz
    5. Maximum input: 500 mW
    6. Impedance: 32 Ohms
    7. Weight: 280g/.62lbs
    8. Connector: Standard/Mini (gold plated), Stereo (2-way)
    9. Gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) connector with 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter
    10. Cord Length 9.8 feet (3.0 meters)
    Comfort and Build
    The AD700 is very light, and quite large.  The headband design with the wings is self adjusting - you put it on and it fits around you.  Without doubt, they are one of the most comfortable cans I've worn so far.  You can easily forget you're wearing them.  The only niggle I have is that they can sometimes be 'creaky' - but given that they're not portable (too large), you won't be moving your head a lot anyway - so it is just a minor nitpick.  Overall - solid build, supremely comfortable.
    The sound of these is quite 'airy' and light.  Definitely tilted toward the upper mids and highs.  They are a joy to listen to with female vocals especially, and IMO are pretty good with classical and jazz.  The only issue with mids/highs  (at times) is a tendency to be grainy, and occasionally sibilant.  Using these with a warm amp though definitely solves these issues.  My current setup E7/E9 adds just enough warmth to be very pleasing.
    The bass is definitely there with these cans, and it's quite defined as well - it just doesn't reach very low, and definitely takes a back seat to the mids and highs.  A lot of people comment that the AD700 has no bass at all which IMO is completely wrong.  It has bass - especially if you're not directly comparing it to another can - it's just not prominent.  It also responds quite well to EQ and bass boost.  I have an E11 with a very good targeted bass boost switch - and it definitely helps.
    The other major strength with these cans is the sound-stage.  It's pretty large, and this adds to the enjoyment (depending on the music).  For classical - it's very good.  There is a definite feeling of space.
    Other Strengths
    This review would not give these cans there full measure of justice without mentioning gaming.  These cans are a good entry point for gaming - especially fps.  Because of the wide sound stage, and having the bass in the back of the spectrum, the are good for positional accuracy if combined with dolby hp or creative's cmss.  For gaming, they are better than anything else I own (at this time).
    Value & Conclusion
    For the comfort, sound-stage, and reasonable sound quality - they are good value for entry level.  If you are a gamer and looking for an entry point - these are a good place to start.  However - if you also need a good bass presence - then look elsewhere.
  4. thecos00
    Great Sound and Comfort
    Written by thecos00
    Published Aug 8, 2011
    Pros - comfortable, easy to drive, great sound
    Cons - huge
    Wonderful headphones.  I also have the Grado SR60i and prefer these.  They sound slightly softer than the Grados.  They are very comfortable.  The only con is the size, they are huge and may not fit smaller heads.
  5. Kibblesnbits
    The Open-Air AT Sweet Spot
    Written by Kibblesnbits
    Published Mar 25, 2011
    Pros - Very comfortable, excellent sound, good price.
    Cons - Gigantic (in size)
    People have pretty much covered these. I will say that these are the only headphones I have ever used that I have worn 18+ hours straight without any form of discomfort. No sweating, no overheating. They simply float. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! For the price, you really cannot beat them if you're in the market for comfortable, open, circumaural cans.
    1. eremite
      So by "Cons: Gigantic" do you mean that they're overly large? Or that you have a large amount of negative impressions? Or simply don't know what Con means?
      eremite, Jun 27, 2011
  6. NRWalker
    Not perfect, but still very good.
    Written by NRWalker
    Published Mar 2, 2011
    Pros - Sound quality, clarity, and separation
    Cons - Nothing major for me
    AD700s have a reputation for being some of the best gaming headphones you can get for less than £200. This is primarily due to their wide and accurate soundstage (how well they position sounds in 3D space). 

    While this is undoubtedly true, it would be a gross injustice to label the AD700s as gaming-only headphones. The mid and upper-range are clear and natural. The soundstaging also helps to separate out the different instruments in complicated passages of music. When I put on the AD700s I discover new things about songs that I've known for years and find myself revisiting my entire music collection. Listening to a recording of some Brahms, I wondered whether something might be wrong with my headphones until I realised that the strange noise in the background was actually the pianist's breathing! Listening to Simon & Garfunkel - Wednesday Morning 3am is something quite magical.
    That said there are a few things about this headphone that divide people. I tend to prefer a headphone with light and precise bass - this is what the AD700 delivers - but I appreciate that other people may be after something more explosive. 

    Another issue is the design. These are large, open-design headphones, which means they are not very portable and not ideal for use in noisy places. The headband is wide and doesn't scale, which means it's a bad fit for people with small heads. The purple may also be an acquired taste. For me, none of this is a problem, but again I could understand how some people might be put off.

    To put things back in perspective, the AD700 is not a headphone without minor drawbacks, but it delivers on all the things that matter most - sound quality, clarity, and durability. I wouldn't say they're better or worse than my SRH840s, in fact, I think both headphones do different things well and make an excellent compliment to one another.
  7. ckryan
    Not much to ad
    Written by ckryan
    Published Feb 25, 2011
    Pros - Comfy, great for gaming
    Cons - Can cause fatigue quickly
    I can't add much that other reviews haven't. Maybe I am a closet bass head, but they sound a lot thinner than I was expecting. The good news is, they sound good with my iPod. The bad is, they sound terrible with my Asus Essence STX's heaphone amp.  They give me ear fatigue after a short while during music listening sessions. The one area where they shine is directionality. From Dolby Headphone to straight stereo gaming, if you prize pinpoint direction, you'll get it from these.  
  8. keanex
    Great Budget Headphones
    Written by keanex
    Published Feb 23, 2011
    Pros - Clarity, Comfort, Mids/Highs, Soundstage
    Cons - Bass, Looks
    This review is written from the perspective of the Ad700 stock. No amp or DAC used in order to give readers and idea of what to expect out of the box because the average user won't have one.
    The packaging was a cardboard box with a plastic window once the box door was opened. The headphones came placed on a plastic cardboard stand. The only extra included was a 1/8->1/4 adaptor. For the price this is what I expected. I would expect a bit more given the $250 MSRP, but that's rarely the price anyone will pay for them.
    I can not express the amount of joy I had putting these on after getting used to my Grado Sr80i. These super aural headphones weren't as comfortable as the Beyerdynamic Dt770 I had tried before I bought these, but I doubt many would complain. The wing technology in combined with the soft velour pads make these headphones feel like they aren't there at all. Even hours after wear there was no sweating, itching, or discomfort. 
    Some users complain that they are unable to get a good fit, but there is a rubber band mod many users have found useful.
    Design and Build Quality:
    These aren't the most durable feeling headphones, but in my year of use every day for multiple hours they have held up just fine. They aren't designed for outdoor, so using them responsibly inside will definitely keep them in good condition without problems. They do creak slightly, but only when I put them on. The wing design is brilliant to me, they automatically adjust to my head for a great fit. Overall I'm pleased with the feel of these, especially for under $100 most users get them for.
    My one complaint about the design is the questionable color choice. I listed it as a con, I don't mind, though I know it turns others off.
    My first headphones were the Grado Sr80i, I wound up selling them for the Ad700 due to comfort issues and the bright sound being too fatiguing. The first thing I noticed in sound was that it was much more surrounding than I had imagined. If the Grado Sr80i are similar to being at the front in a concert, these are easily more so towards the back. The sound surrounds you and has a pleasant airy sound to it. For the price I have no found a pair of headphones that compares. This gives the Ad700s great instrument separation.
    The highs are pleasant. They are clear and prominent without being overbearing nor fatiguing. The mids are also very clear, slightly pushy, but flow into the highs quite well. The lows are the bane of this headphone though. I'm not a basshead, but even I was slightly saddened about the lack of bass. There is bass, and it's definitely tight and accurate, but it doesn't extend far at all, and lacks the impact necessary for bass heavy music. Due to the lack of bass I also found these to be less engaging than I had hoped.
    Overall these headphones are amazing. The highs and mids are clear, and the sound stage is unrivaled for the price. I found they sound best with clean sounding music, especially female vocals and acoustic music. They are definitely not limited to that though.
    The value is rather hard to judge due to the prices on these changing rapidly. For under $100, which they can be found at, they are hard to beat. I feel they lose less value over $100 though, but only because they are regularly found in the $80 range. With that said I highly recommend these for under $100, while suggesting to wait if they are higher than that unless you are really impatient. 

    Please keep in mind my ratings are in comparison to similarly priced headphones, not $1,000 headphones.
  9. ptrok
    Great for games, limited for bass heavy genres
    Written by ptrok
    Published Jan 22, 2011
    Pros - Great open soundstage with good detail.
    Cons - No bass, harsh and tinny out of some sources.
    Got these originally for the sake of my wife who didn't like my late night gaming sessions with the tv sound, even when I had it down pretty low. I was initially going to get the astro A40's but read the reviews and found that these were better headphones at a better price I couldn't resist. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When it comes to FPS gaming it will definitely provide you an advantage when in the midst of battle. The soundstage and detail it provides makes it seem almost unfair at times. There is practically no bass, so if that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. But that is perfect for games like CoD because explosions can muffle out the more important sounds needed to locate others. As for music, it does a good job of simulating a stage and does a great job of creating an image but I wouldn't use it for bass heavy genres. I love Hip-Hop but these didn't make me feel the music like I would have liked. They are better with classical music that is light on the percussion and various easy listening tracks. Lastly, these bad boys are ridiculously comfortable for someone like me who has a large noggin. They feel light and for long gaming sessions they are almost too comfortable, I forget that I am wearing them and when I stand up, I almost rip the plug out the mix amp.
  10. bisayaboi
    One of the best under $100
    Written by bisayaboi
    Published Jan 6, 2011
    Pros - Fantastic clarity, treble and detail. Tasteful colored mids. Great build and comfort.
    Cons - Weak bass
    The AD700 are one of the best under $100. Especially if you really don't care about bass.
    All is said about how good the headphone is, is in the PROS section but the bass really just kill this headphone. Even for non-bassheads, the bass can be considered somewhat weak.
    However this headphone also has a fantastic soundstage which would make it for gaming. Many users on head-fi use this with a boom mic mod and is a much cheaper and much better solution than many headsets.
    Overall a great sounding headphone.