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These open-air headphones deliver amazing comfort and outstanding sonic quality. With a lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and extremely comfortable velvet ear pads, the ATH-AD300 headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears. The self-adjusting wing support automatically adjusts to your head size for easy-wearing listening comfort. A straight cord at the left earpiece terminates to a mini plug with included ¼" adapter.

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This is a quick impression from a basshead's point of view. I'm writing this because there's almost ZERO info on these headphones, and because I don't speak audiophile, this will be a quick.
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Like I said, I'm a proud basshead but I do occasionally listen to music with little bass. I knew when I got these they're gonna be bass lite and indeed they are. They do a decent job on country and indie rock, but using them for dubstep, EDM or RAP is something no one should do.  
I originally bought these for gaming and movies on my tablets, and they sounded great when using it for that purpose.
Value - The value got 5 stars because I got these for $29 shipped
Audio Quality - I gave the audio quality 4 stars because they do sound pretty good with non bassy music and they are great for movies and gaming. 
Design - Design got 3.5 star because they look silly when on your head. I wouldn't wear these in public. The build quality is pretty good though.
Comfort - Easily one of most comfortable headphones I've owned. I had zero problems with the wings and my head is pretty small..... I think?
Overall - Solid 4 stars for non basshead. Bass junkie should stay away.
The reason why I bought the AD300 instead of the the more popular AD700 is because (1) it was damn cheap $29.99 shipped (2) was suppose to have a little more bass than the AD700 and (3) it's smaller and didn't have that ugly purple grill.
I love these things. I don't have time to listen to them as much as i'd like, but I feel they're worth up to $80. I got my pair for $35 with ship-to-store from Wal-mart. IMO they have fuller sounding mids than the AD700, less treble and more bass. They also fit better than the AD700. I think they must have been severely under-appreciated because I believe audio technica discontinued them. Perfect for gaming but the soundstage isn't as large. Oh yeah..someone once pointed out that they're a bit harder to drive than the AD700.
I don't normally buy these type of headphones because the lacking bass is a real turn off for me, but the AD300 does a great job of what I want it to do, movies and games.
My tablet didn't have too much problem driving these but I do have to it up to about 90%.
Pros: ok for the price
Cons: bulky, built quality
very good for gaming and movies.
Ok I'm sorry but you could have done a much better review of these headphones . . . this one was not a very helpful one at all.
Pros: Bass, Fuller mids and less treble than AD700, Smaller soundstage. Cheap.
Cons: Sound clarity good, but not great.
Last year I scored these at a local Wal-Mart for only $36! What a deal. I actually expected them to sound like my AD700 somewhat, but they most definitely don't! Not even close really.
I was really surprised by how much I liked these. First, they are smaller than the AD700 and have a more secure fit. The AD700 is a poor fit for me and are much too lose. These are much better for those with a smaller head.
These have much more bass than the AD700, but are not bass heavy or even close to it. They have very full sounding mids and have a very warm sound (not like a Sennheiser!). I was pretty surprised about this since I always felt the AD700's mids to be fairly lean and kind of just not doing it for me. Overall, just so much fuller sounding mids on the AD300 compared to the AD700. They are fairly forward and quite engaging to me. I remember listening to these for a very long time the day I got them.
The AD300 also doesn't have the treble of the AD700, so it feels much more balanced and smooth sounding than the AD700. It doesn't have the weird tonality of the AD700.
The soundstage in most recordings is MUCH smaller than that of the AD700. It's still good, but not massive at all. These are especially good with female vocals.
The weakest part about this headphone is that the sound clarity is good, but not great. It's about comparable to say the old HD-555 perhaps. They have a good amount of detail, but these are fairly forgiving. I don't find them muffled at all though. Imagine a mix between the HD-555 and the AD700 perhaps.
They run around $65 right now and for me it's totally worth it, but it depends on the sound signature you like.
BTW I wouldn't be surprised if these had more bass than the AD900! I haven't heard the AD900, but it'd be interesting to know.
AD900 has more bass than AD700, not "much more" like you described AD300. So I suppose you "wouldn't be surprised if these had more bass than the AD900" :)
Curious, why only 3 stars for comfort? These look super comfortable with the big cups and velour pads. What exactly is the issue?


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