Audio Technica ATH-A700 Headphones

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Audio-Technica's ATH-A700 closed-back dynamic headphones deliver audiophile-quality acoustic performance with full, rich balanced bass. The headphones feature proprietary large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils. Equipped with A-T’s innovative self-adjusting wing support mechanism, the headphones offer long hours of remarkably comfortable listening.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sound quality, Comfort, Light weight, Spacious sounding, Quality To Price Ration, and Isolating
      After owning them for a year, I still really love these headphones. For $100, this was one of the best purchases I have made! The sound quality is on par with Bose, M-50's, and the Grado sr60i. The isolation is good enough that I used them on the bus and in the library often. They sound much more spacious than the M-50, but it isn't the same as open headphones. The bass isn't as heavy as the M-50, which makes it slightly less interesting when listening to trance. I really enjoyed the controlled sound of the bass when listening to most music. I would say that the sound quality is good enough on these, that the price of my Akg q701's may not have been worth it in that regard. If you are looking for great quality, low cost, low impedance, comfort, and isolation just get these. If you prefer heavy bass to a spacious sound, get the m-50s. Also, the head band design is pretty awesome. It is very light on my head. I have walked home from campus on occasion and it stayed comfortably in place. The quality that audio technica provides on the lower end is impressive. However, these do make you look rather odd. Maybe that is a con; it could also be a pro!
Anyone who finds themselves needing to adjust the headband size can simply stretch or compress the band to their own comfort. I wanted them tighter, so I compressed the band at the point where they meet the drivers. It is very bendable and can be made more permanent if you just push further. With minor fixes, this does no damage to the headphones. It simply changes the driver angle and width!
Pros: Open Sound Stage, Crisp Highs, full Bass but not boomy, Very comfy!, Isolate pretty well
Cons: Ear Pads
Very happy with my Audio Technicia ATH A700's !
I must admit I am somewhat of a AT Fan Boy but they really do offer a great entry into decent sound in my somewhat limited experience.  I have listened to some decent cans in my time ( Grado's, HD600s, DT880s, AKGs, etc ) and their is something about the AT sound that I just like and never gets old.  Clear Highs, Great Sound Stage and enough bass to have a full sound.  Mids would be considered recessed by most but I guess that is just what I prefer.
For the $100 I paid for them new I could not be happier and like I said I just keep going back to them.
After about 2 years the ear pads are starting to show signs of wear but again I wear them quite a bit for work so to be expected.  You can buy new ear pads for $20 to $50 bucks so thats a plus.
Pros: cheap, good sound
Cons: cant imagine who these are designed for. they just plain dont fit
i got the ath-a700x

couldn't be more disappointed!  
cant imagine who these are designed for. they just plain dont fit.

perhaps if the 'head supports' had adjustable or stiffer tension...but as they sit now they're on a spring, which offers little to no resistance.  

im a total noob in the headphone dept...i imagine i have unreasonable needs and expectations.
i want 'dj style headphones', with good mobility, and entry level studio/production/audiophile sound.

i love the fit of beats solo, theyre great for walking around. but they sound like garbage.
and the search continues...these are getting returned.
What you want is a Beyerdynamic DT1350.
Much better fit than the Beats, and much better... well everything than them as well. The DT1350 is extremely detailed, easily driven, and has the best bass of any portable headphone. It's neutral with amazing treble extension and sub-bass that can massage your head. Its also tank-like in its build quality; made almost entirely of nextel-coated aluminum, and is literally the most stable headphone I've ever worn thanks to its headband design. It's very comfy as well thanks to the incredibly supple pads. It's a bit pricey (~$260 on B&H Photo/Video) but it's the best at its price point, and better than a good handful above it.
If you want an alternative, you could go for the Sennheiser HD-25-II. Half the price but sacrifices bass, neutrality, build and overall sound quality. In your case, I'd probably go for the HD-25-II first, see if you like it, and if not get the DT1350.
Hope this helps.


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