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Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable

  • The AT-LP60 will help rediscover your classic 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records in this affordable, fully automatic belt-drive workhorse. With its built-in switchable phono preamp, the AT-LP60 may be connected directly to your computer, home stereo or even to other components that have no dedicated turntable input. The turntable is supplied with an integral Audio-Technica Dual Magnet phono cartridge with replaceable ATN3600L stylus.

Recent Reviews

  1. SoundDouble
    Great for the family
    Written by SoundDouble
    Published Jan 26, 2019
    Pros - Fully automatic, nice build, good entry into vinyl
    Cons - Pops and cracks can be loud

    This is really just to give a quick opinion. I'm not very experienced in record players to give a detailed review. I am also not associated with any companies. I purchased the LP60 non-usb model really to replace my wife's detrola "vintage" looking player.

    I have heard the detrolas have a very heavy arm and put extra wear on the records. So in comparison, just buying and using this should prolong you albums. Also since the LP60 is fully automatic there's no dropping the needle or dragging it on the record.


    Build is good for the price. I paid $99, but you might find it cheaper somewhere else. It has a nice aluminum platter, belt driven so that reduces noise from what I read. Slightly warped records are not a problem. The arm is light and the stylus is a decent fair. It has rubber under the feet to absorb some vibrations and decent weight to keep it planted.

    It does not have counter weight or anti skate adjustments. You are limited to a specific stylus from what I see. Also you can't change the head. That's all fine for a basic setup.

    What I also like about it is the phono/line switch. This allowed me to plug them directly into some bose companion speakers, to get things started, while I look for a phono amp and better speakers.

    With just this set up it already sounds much more detailed than the Detrola. I have a feeling this will scale well with a nice amp, looking at Schiit, and some better speakers.

    Downside - some of the damaged records produce loud pops and cracks because of the scratches. On the Detrola they weren't as bad. On the other hand some of the damage was probably caused by the fact that ...dun dun dun my wife had the detrola 10 yrs and never changed the stylus or cleaned a record. Scary

    **Edit: Didn't realize at first but these lp60, including mine, commonly come with bent platters. Lowered my rating a little.
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  2. Juantxo
    So pleased
    Written by Juantxo
    Published Apr 1, 2013
    Pros - excellent for what i need
    Cons - since im new to LP... none
    I received this as a gift from my wife along with some old records.
    My only previous experience with turntables was when i was 6 listing to some kid tales on my parents old turntable .
    But Im so in love of the sound of lps that I worry I found another expensive hobby (photography and headphones being other two)
    If you are new to LPs and turntables as I am I really recommend to give this one a try
  3. mrtheking
    Good amateur turntable.
    Written by mrtheking
    Published Sep 15, 2012
    Pros - Cheap, Intuitive, Good sound
    Cons - Not enough control offered
    This was my first (and so far, only) turntable I owned. I really enjoy using it because it was easy for a beginner like myself to learn to use it, and the sound quality is really good. The problems are that if I wanted to purchase a different cartridge (like the AT-95e) I dont know how I would compensate for the difference of weight as that ability doesn't seem to be offered, much less how to attach a new cartridge in the first place. But nonetheless this was the perfect turntable for inexperience newbies like myself. 
    1. NothinbutTru7h
      Can you hook a pair of headphones directly to this turntable?
      NothinbutTru7h, Feb 27, 2013


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