Audio-Technica® ATH-ON3ABK Portable on-the-ear headphones Black

General Information

lightweight, on-the-ear design * adjustable headband and cushioned earpads * 30mm full-range drivers * frequency response 12-23,000 Hz *

Latest reviews

Pros: Comes in colors of the rainbow.
Cons: Have a fun time trying to make these stay on you ears, mediocre sound quality.
This pair of headphones is for those who really wants to make a statement with their style rather than for the sound that comes out of them. They look really nice in all those eye catching colors, but thats where it ends.

The build quality is what you expect from a $15 pair of headphones; the housing is made completely out of cheap plastic, although the head band is actually a thin metal wire band that is fairly sturdy. It doesn't really serve a purpose other than hiding itself so you don't look like you're wearing a bulky pair of headphones.

The major problem with this miniature design is how it fits on top of your ear, or rather how it doesn't. Because the drivers are too small, they barely sit on top of your ears making it close to impossible to get a good fit. The thin metal headband doesn't help either because they don't offer any support to clamp those pads tightly to your ears, so half the time you're trying to keep them centered on your ears.

There's also no surprise with the sound quality here, it should be what you expect from pair of headphones in this price range. Overall the sound is clean but very weak, even after some time of burn-in. The highs don't show up much during listening, and the bass is very weak with a lot of emphasize on the mid bass, making vocals and drums sound really hollow.


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