around-the-ear, sealed earcup design * up to 20 dB reduction of ambient noise * frequency response...

Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint noise-canceling headphones

  • around-the-ear, sealed earcup design * up to 20 dB reduction of ambient noise * frequency response 10-25,000 Hz * on/off switch for passive (standard) or active (noise-canceling) operation * uses one "AAA" battery (included) for up to 40 hours of noise-canceling operation *

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  1. Soldierducky
    Written by Soldierducky
    Published Mar 24, 2012
    First of all, I am NOT a audiophile, yet. I am just a beginner, my wallet is very slim
    I am relatively inexperienced, but after surfing around here I think I have experience in writing reviews in audiophile terms. But I try my best expressing them in layman terms. I am 16 and i joined here about a couple of months back
    Summarised version is below. These kinda sound like the klipsch S4, except for its huge spacious sound stanging
    Let's start!
    Hell yeh! This cups have thick padding which are really nice, headband is also thick with cushioning.
    Some how, the pads make you sweat quite quickly, walking around outside under the sun will make your sweat and you can literally see big droplets on the padding. Which I fear one day it will damage the drivers O.O
    Headband is made of metal. woots! Hinges are done with screws. It feels fragile due to the padding and stuff but actually its quite strong. One guy that tested this headphone dropped it on the floor. But it is fine
    I am not a big fan of highs but still look out to them, I listen to a lot of orchestra music.(I am in a orchestra myself haha)
    Cymbals and high hats handled well. little hissing(Simbilience[lol i cant spell this]). Decent for its price range. Detailed and clean
    Mids or vocals
    Now, this is sort of dissapointing.
    Vocals are really really smooth and pleasent at this point. But they recessed and weak. They seem to be far away. Could be due to the noise cancellation. As a mids-head(lol) I was really dissapointed when I purchased this. I mean its not that bad, but if you are critical about it. You will find this a trouble. Its natural for a person to turn up the volume, this will lead to noise leak(When I come to Cons later). However well mixed songs have a better mids representation and thus you would really enjoy this. They are one hell of a warm headphones. Definitely for acoustic music.
    Hunger games- Safe and sound by Megan and tiff
    Madilyn  ---  hear this for slippery super lubricated smooth vocals
 --- hear this for general acoustic music. She is really good with the guitar. its so warm and you can use it for winter haha. Screw the heater.
    Probably a section that people skip to here. never mind.
    The bass of this thing is very satisfying. Powerful and punchy. With a bit of muddy-ness for basshead heads and fun listening. As these cans are warm, they definitely have good bass. The song  I test is turbulance(house) To extreme bassheads. I think you are better off listening to audio tech solid bass series that I have e.g. ATH CKS77/90 OR ATH WS55,70. Maybe sony XB series.(which is ugly in my opinion lol) If they are not very satisfactory I suggest you change your source. for a tight budget, get the sony walkman B series. The bass button just give you so much more power. Oh another thing, they are definitly more tidy then the beats by dre.(bass) bass guitar is goooood. Domino cover by madilyn again.
    Probably why you are here
    The isolation on these things do preeeety well. I rate it 7.5/10. They do well in cutting ambient noise and bus engines. things go really silent at a flick of a switch. That's how I convince my aunt and dad to buy this for me. This won them over
    With that being said. I will summarise everything here
    Great bass, aids in warm sound. good for rap
    Mids and smooth, but recessed. Get a well mixed song. May not work well for rock
    Treble will not deafen your ears with its hissing sound haha
    Comfort is goooood
    Light and portable, goodies like travel and 1/4 SHINY GOLD(i LOVE THIS MOST) are generous
    Comes with batteries. Trust me, you will love them so much when you are desperate to listen when you buy
    Cancellation is worth it for its price
    This is the most important section so must read:
    Noise leak is BAD. Ok, as I said the recessed mids make you turn up the voulme. Everybody will definitly listen 
    to what you are listening. You are like a walking open headphone user with a close back. Its better of getting an open one( hd 5xx series. I WANT A HD 598!) . 
    The headband extenstion is blooooody small. Make sure you test them out before buying it. It fits me just nice so I am a little worried that I grow out of it. Most of friends around me can't put these on even when extension is max
    Cable that connects to the headphone has no twist lock like the shures. and these only fold flat.
    These are cans that are really decent and slightly leaning to overpricing. You are better off looking for headphones with the same sound signature if you don't need the noise cancelling. If you really need noise cancelling. These are definitley for you. But if you really persist getting this  despite the cons you must be a person that is:
    1)Not a huge fans of mids
    2)Dont really care about noise leak. and you love the blast these, they are quite loud
    3)Not a huge fan for bass, prefers overall sound balance.
    So thats the end, thanks for reading. Feel free the enquire!! >,<
    I nearly vomited blood. The alignment of this and the leaving a new line thing is sooooo annoying


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