Our product is the fruitful result of long R&D with the goal of making the finest quality product...

Audinst HUD-MX1

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  • Our product is the fruitful result of long R&D with the goal of making the finest quality product of its kind, featuring 24bit/96kHz supported USB2.0 audio controller and Wolfson’s WM8740 (117dB), the highest quality D/A converter in the market today. Finest quality components are installed at OPAMP and condenser, essential parts in creating exceptional sound quality. In addition, maximum harmonization of digital and analog circuits is achieved thanks to our technology of designing stable yet low-noise PCB, all contained in simple yet elegant finish case. Its plug and play design enables the unit to be used by just plug in to any USB port, allowing the user to experience never been heard USB hi-fi audio quality through both speakers and headphones.

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  1. tgeml
    "Audinst... Lots of hype but poor production quality"
    Pros - Decent audio quality when it works, small size
    Cons - cheaply manufactured/designed. Did not live up to the hype.
    I purchased this DAC/Amplifier with the expectation it would perform at least to the level of the Asus Essence STx it was replacing. The unit was purchased from
    amazon.com, and delivered relatively quickly. Box/Manual/Packaging were all very nicely done. Now to the meat of the review, my initial impression. 
    The unit felt pretty well constructed, with a decent heft, however the volume control is a cheap rubber knob id expect on something in the 30 dollar range, poor 
    decision audinst! This is not a cheap device, and the knob most used makes it feel like crap, what were you thinking, a aluminum knob is not that expensive...
    The initial audio quality was great, so I thought. Over the next few days I listened to a good variety of uncompressed audio ripped from cd's I own, and I noticed more
    random static and popping in the higher frequency range the more I listened, which was very demoralizing from such an expensive unit. I even went to the extent of 
    trying a new LME49990 op-amp to see if maybe the factory op-amp was defective, which it was not.
    After a few days, more issues arose, such as the unit not detecting half of the time, and when it did, sometimes the audio is completely garbled and grainy, like there
    is some issue with the DAC portion of the unit. Additionally, the auto off feature is an absolute nightmare if you plan on using this unit connected to the XLR inputs of 
    any studio monitor, you get constant popping every time the unit "decides" its a good time to power down. PLEASE GIVE US A POWER SWITCH!
    I wasn't expecting the world of this unit, but it severely disappointed me, directly comparing it to my Essence STX, well there was no comparison, the Essence STX was
    higher quality in every aspect. I could not and would not recommend any Audinst product going forward, for this amount of money, it should at least play clear audio and 
    detect regularly, these defects are a fatal flaw.
    In the end, I would not recommend this unit to anyone who switches between headphones and the RCA outs, as the volume levels are not balanced at all. You're much 
    better looking to an established company such as Schiit for a good unit (Asgard 2).
  2. milosolo
    "Great value in a desktop DAC/amp"
    Pros - Powerful amp, (USB) DAC sounds nice, Versatile connections, Very good value
    Cons - None really for the price
    I have been researching a more potent amp for my desktop system and all I have to say is Wow! I just plugged the MX1 into my office system for the first time and I am very impressed. The amp section is robust enough to drive my HD650 in a similar (not quite as refined) fashion as my Schiit Lyr in my main system. Great extension in the bass with solid mid, airy and extended top end indicating a respectable DAC stage to go with the powerful amp. And I can easily switch between HP and desktop speaker out with the RCA line out on the back panel. Overall I give it a 4 out of 5.
  3. stockpimp007
    Pros - Decent build quality
    Cons - Static/Noise 50+% of the time
    Way overhyped...nice build quality for a small piece of equipment. but that is honestly the only positive thing I have to say about the Mx1. 
    Customer service is slow to respond and does not resolve issues. Constant static out of headphone jack.  Tried numerous headphones, made changes to setting, etc. it did not go away.
    Even when there was no static, it sounded exactly the same as both of my laptop headphone jacks.

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