Atomic Floyd Twistjax

General Information

Build to provide max bass and max treble the twistjax were intended to replace my battered
Sony ex75 in ears. They are the same build with a plug in ear with an acoustic bass chamber for hammering the soft tissue of the outer ear. The bass chamber is made of "acoustic steel" which gives a very solid look.
At first the highs and lows are amazing and you hear pumpy basses with sparkling high.
After some burning there are some mids as well and you begin noticing a rather broad soundstage. At first al this was exciting but somewhat tiring but after 50 hours of burning i feel thing get into place somemore.
I still use my sony's which for reasons i cannot understand i still like very much but hope to replace them with these build to last forever atomic floyds

Latest reviews

Pros: Detailed highs - good low end surge
Cons: Slightly thin sounding
Review coming soon.


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