Atlas Hyper Integra RCA interconnects Ohno Continuous Casting

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America Hifi Atlas Hyper Integra RCA




The latest generation Hyper Integra offers a sophisticated, evenly balanced sound which draws you into the musical performance.

A stereo interconnect with a high level of transparency, ideally suited to improving mid-level systems.

Hyper utilizes an OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) high purity copper conductor with a PEF (Foamed Polyethylene) dielectric, this design and construction combines wide bandwidth with excellent resistance to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), which can raise noise levels, resulting in a loss of low-level detail, in a poorly shielded cable, The Hyper Integra is fitted with our self-cleaning (just remove and insert it to clean the contact areas) Integra RCA plug. The low-mass Integra connector features a solder-free, cold-weld connection, optimized to create a coherent, continuous signal path.

The result is a natural-sounding interconnect which achieves a large open soundstage and fine levels of resolution without any sense of exaggerated ‘detail’ which is superficially impressive but quickly fatiguing to listen to.

The Hyper range includes DIN & XLR termination options, digital interconnects plus stereo & bi-wire speaker cables.


Geometry: Co-ax

Conductor: 6n OCC Copper

Dielectric: PEF

Screen: OFC 94.2% – 252 strands

Capacitance: 71.54 pF/m

Inductance: 0.542 µH/m

Resistance: 0.0239 Ohms/m

VOP: 0.682

Outside Diameter: 9.0mm


1M, HY-IC-RCA-1, 7103354049886

2M, HY-IC-RCA-2, 7103355484730


1. Conductor Purity

Atlas uses the highest-quality conductive materials to minimize the impurities that impede the signal’s path. Their top-of-the-range products use incredibly pure OCC copper and solid OCC silver conductors.

2. Manufacturing Consistency

Atlas avoids soldering and the variability it introduces. All Atlas products are manufactured using a proprietary cold-welding process to fuse the connector to the cable, creating an airtight metal-on-metal contact that is identical every time.

3. Signal Screening

Atlas takes great pains to screen our cables from the effects of the noisy environs in which modern systems are embedded. They also offer unique solutions for draining interference and noise, both within and outside of the cable.

4. Harmony of Materials

Atlas focuses on establishing conductive constancy or equilibration between the main conductor, the plug, and the insulating material. Audio signals are delicate — so wherever possible, they avoid combining disparate materials of differing resistances, and choose materials that will have the least possible effect on the audio signal.

5. Acclaimed in 30+ Countries

The Atlas “state of the art” products, such as the award-winning Mavros and Asimi ranges, are regarded as being among the finest available anywhere at any price, receiving accolades in Europe, the US, Canada, Japan, and the Far East.

Atlas products are researched, designed, and produced in Kilmarnock, in the west of Scotland. Everyone on the Atlas team has spent their lives in the hi-fi and audio-visual industry.

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John Massaria

Member of the Trade: JM Audio Editions/Headphone Modifications
Atlas Hyper Integra RCA "Affordable" Genuine 6n OCC Copper RCA
Pros: clarity, transparency similar to my more expensive RCAs (at a fraction of price)
Cons: If $229 is a con - I do not think it is for performance at all, not a huge widely known brand (not really a con but some people like brand names that spend a ton on advertising and brand awareness)

If you are one of those people that like stock interconnects or wire priced under $30 for a pair of RCA cable I am here to say skip this article and review... if you are closed to the idea that cable can make a sound system a little bit more transparent, a little bit quieter, a little bit more musical or maybe even extract as much information between components as possible... I can say maybe you should just try some new cable like the Atlas Hyper Integra RCA - wire which is nearly at the pinnacle of performance for price performance.

My GL1200, B&K Amp, The Atlas Hyper Integra​
If you own very revealing equipment and are looking for a new reliable well engineered and well shielded wire that will never call attention to it self but will image and sound as good as some $500 cable then you may be inclined to read and consider if this wire is right for you and your home sound system. What I look for in cables is transparency. I don't want anything added or subtracted. If one part of the audio signal is being enhanced that could be because other frequencies are being attenuated. When reviewing music or gear or doing video and audio editing or mastering- there can be no chance that I am getting it wrong - I need neutral transparent wire always. And up until now I have been using the SQM reference wire from GRIMM and their very affordable TPR interconnects. I also use Z Cables Jazz 3a, Cardas Cross ($300+), Cardas Parsec Interconnect ($290+) , Cardas Clear Sky ($480), and my borrowed from a friend RCA Stealth Nanofiber Pure carbon ($3100) and Stealth Hybrid ($3000) interconnects. All of the Cardas that I own will be replaced now with the Atlas Hyper Integra it's that much more revealing clear and pinpoint accurate boarding so very close to my SQM wire which costs $700 vs the $229 - making this a no brainier for me- even as I continue to write switching between the cables I can say the Atlas Hyper Integra are a more honest rendition of what is in the recording - making the Cardas colored and veiled in comparision which I never thought I would say.

Looking closer at the pins inside the RCA on the Atlas Hyper Integra they utilize a Hollow Pin stuffed with wire conductor allowing more wire inside the pin and maximizing the conductivity. The more I listen to these cables the more I wonder how much better the more expsensive wire by them can truly be... but at $229 I am blown away on how close these come to my $700 SQM by Grimm.


I will also say I am testing different speaker wire to my Gold Planar Ribbon GL1200
converter box and will follow up on what I prefer.

The only other cable I own that has the open pin to allow the wire through the cylinder pin like the Atlas Hyper Integra is the Stealth Wire which costs over $2500 and I do think that helps it edge out the competition by allowing more wire inside the pin and making a better contact than just solder alone.

With little doubt the Atlas Hyper Integra RCA is my favorite used between my Topping D90 DAC, my Apache RSA Preamp and my B&K. I should mention -I just orded another set of Atlas Hyper Integra and am now selling my Cardas. I will use it now between my amp and my beloved Gold Planar GL1200 headphones and for the DAC to preamp section. I was looking to replace the Cardas but really haven't found anything close that wowed me for transparency until now- and the price is very good in relative terms- my Atlas Hyper Integra pair ran me $229 and yes they run circles around my lesser cables which actually cost me more. They are better than the Grimm TPR and the Cardas but not quiet as transparent as the $700 Grimm SQM - but are certainly very close. The image is slightly more vivid with the SQM, bass and timbre a bit more honest as well. The Atlas Hyper Integra RCA comes the closest to what I expect and for $229 I consider myself lucky to own these- and get so much for so little. Highly recommend.
I hope you have a chance to try these RCAs one day - you will thank me I think. I got mine from America HiFi a very reputable family owned business making real customers and making real products affordable again.


SIDE NOTE: So you know, I have 3 systems at my home- my speakers are Vandersteen 3a Signatures, Magnepan 3.6r and my desk top system which uses SEAS drivers in custom D'Appolito configuration. I edit videos and film on location for professionals- I mix sound for a living occasionally after I film them in person- sometimes I am handed tracks that are terrible masters but am asked to make videos from them without re-mastering the sound. My IMDB page is
I am not a flake or hard of hearing at all-I get sound tested by my doctor each year or two. I grew up with sound engineers in the studio who were mixing albums at The Mix Palace and Platinum Sound Recording and The Power Station, Electric Lady Studios Studios in NY to name a few. When I like something I will review it such as the Kennerton headphones I reviewed on head-fi before. If I take the time to review something it has to be meaningful- it must have moved me and compelled me to do so- I do not get paid for any reviews. I do this because I care to set the record straight on what I hear and how I felt about a particular piece of equipment.
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Audio Addict
Audio Addict
I can't believe I read someone else has Z Cables Jazz. I have Jazz as well as Live and the dampening tubes Mark built.
John Massaria
I do like the look of these cables, need to check them out! Great review, thank you.


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