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ASUS Essence One MKII MUSES Edition

  • The Essence One MKII series improves on the superb Xonar Essence One series, winner of the 2012 CES Innovations Award and Japan’s prestigious VGP Awards in both 2012 and 2013. Essence engineers continuously improve sound quality, resulting in the Essence One MKII series with latest Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) support. With six state-of-the-art MUSES 01 op-amps, Essence One Mark II MUSES Edition takes audio to new levels, with profound musicality capturing every nuance.

    - Native 2.8MHz Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) support via DSD over PCM (DoP)
    - Profound musicality and spacious sound thanks to six MUSES 01 op-amps
    - Top-class headphone amplifier drives up to 600ohm-impedance headphones with a dedicated gain jumper
    - Ultra-fidelity 120dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with true balanced design
    - Jitter-free precision clock via asynchronous USB audio
    - Linear power supply with toroidal transformer to ensure clean power to all circuits
    - 8X symmetrical upsampling technology restores lossless audio


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