Astrotec AM90

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  1. pro1137
    Pros - Clear sound, natural bass, great build
    Cons - Gave me a massive headache after only minutes of use, thinnest mids I've ever heard before, next-to-zero soundstage.
    I purchased these IEMs after reading about them in ljokerl's Multi IEM review thread. Needless to say, the sound was different than what I expected. 

    Build - These are very, very well built IEMs. Iron housing, good stress relievers, and a cable that flexes with ease. Build was absolutely stunning. 

    Isolation -  These isolated very well, at least for me. Never had better isolation from an IEM in this price range before.

    Comfort - The comfort on these were absolutely atrocious. I literally got a headache within minutes of use. They really did cause me pain. I couldn't stand it. I had to take them out only after around 15 minutes, because I had a pretty large headache just from these, and it lasted hours after removal. 


    Highs -  As expected, these are Über clear. Very, very revealing IEMs. I loved what I heard from these. I didn't find them to be too bright or sparkly, though, but I definitely wouldn't call them dark or anything. 

    Mids - I was very disappointed by the midrange I heard from these. It was flat, dull, and non-lively. Sure, as an IEM, mids aren't going to be as great as an over-ear pair for the same cost, but the mids on these were very underwhelming. I've heard better mids from a pair of $10 Sony IEMs. 

    Lows - The lows produced by these sound very natural. Very controlled, as well. I would say they have the perfect amount of bass-response from a neutral-sounding IEM. Much, much better than something like the Monoprice 8320/9927, which are also neutral.

    Soundstage - I never have heard anything sound so condensed in my life. The soundstage that was produced from these IEMs was just non-existent. Even less than your generic 'Hi-Fi earbud' from Sentry. I was extremely disappointed by these in this aspect.   

    Conclusion - After trying these, I felt that they didn't live up to the rating that ljokerl gave them at all. I wouldn't really recommend these to anyone, truthfully, unless you're a masochist or something.