Asius Technologies ADEL™ G1 Auto Modules - Reviews
Pros: Thunderous and well extended sub bass, sparkly highs, uncongested mids
Cons: None
Now that I've heard all the ADEL modules from Asius technologies(what has been released since 8/16), it's even harder to pick a favorite. Some days I want to tune the sound to my unique anatomy, in that case I'll grab the MAM. Other days I want a thicker sound with a V-shaped sound signature, in that case I'll grab G1. When I'm in the mood for a subtle more balanced and zen like sound where the A12's truly dissapear and only the music remains I'll grab the B1. Today I'll be reviewing the G1, please look at my other ADEL module reviews if you need more info about the other modules.

- More isolation than B1, seems slightly less than S1
- Powerful sub bass with better extension than B1
- Bass guitar is more readily identifiable than B1, stands out more
- Brighter treble than B1: This is probably about as much sparkle as you'll be able to get from the A12 with a fixed module
- Sparkly treble seems to come from a darker further away place, therefore it stands out more
- Soundstage slightly smaller than B1 or MAM, you have to look hard for it to notice it
- Soundstage is darker than B1 but nowhere near as dark as S1
- The "I can feel the bass" module: when accustomed to IEM's with ADEL modules then switching to normal IEMs without ADEL modules you immediately become cognizant of the pressure typical iem's produce. You become hyper sensitive to pressure and in my case develop a disdain for any iem that isn't pressure relieved via ADEL module. This module probably has slightly higher pressure than B1 because when I'm listening to bass heavy songs I can feel the sub bass flutter via the pneumatic pressure created by the drivers and it tickles sometimes.

This is an amazing ADEL module, I highly suggest it. They are all unique and while the MAM can replicate a lot of the sound of the B1, G1 and S1, due to the 6 vented holes in the MAM and the various membrane configurations, I do not believe you can mimick the fixed modules exactly-especially G1. There is a thickness of note, a syrupy kind of non-airiness that the MAM IMO cannot replicate. I think ADEL technology automatically makes an IEM's sound signature airier, when I'm in the mood for rich, syrupy and thick notes, I grab G1.
Yeah, maybe I should choose G1 for U12