Asius Technologies ADEL™ B1 Auto Modules

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The ADEL™-B1 Auto Modules are designed to bring even more transparency and spaciousness to IEMs and earplugs. This is achieved by a single membrane design, which slightly reduces the bass and brings more spaciousness to the midrange and highs. The ADEL™-B1 is non-adjustable and automatically works to absorb the pneumatic pressures in your ear canal. and also reduces the occlusion effect (boom of your voice) even further to give singers and active wearers fatigue-free listening. Noise Isolation is -10db. Modules sold in pairs only and are for use in 64 Audio compatible products.

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Pros: Increased treble presence and sparkliness, reduced mid bass, more clarity, increased sound stage
Cons: None
Seeing as this is the only black module among the Asius technologies ADEL modules, I dub thee....METAL module. |,,| I was on the verge of selling my A12's because the sound was simply too veiled, dark, clarity was lacking, mid bass was overpowering and the treble was recessed.  Mid bass bled into other frequencies and made the CIEM sound cluttered and unclear.  It seems as though Asius listened to it's customers, around the same time we all started complaining about this, a new module called B1 was released that solves all these issues.  No more is my A12 veiled, distant and cluttered.  Now it's open, spacious and the treble returns to the stage after being shut out by the mid bass bump caused by the S1 module.  The treble is allowed to shine and seems closer to the user whereas before with the ADEL S1 module it sounded like the treble was emerging out of some distant dark cave, a veiled whine of what it should be.  Sub bass is also reduced in addition to mid-bass.  Soundstage also increases.  One of the tracks I use to test soundstage is Pink Floyd's Money off the SACD version.  The soundstage is wider with the B1 vs the S1 module, the sounds of the cash register in Money seems to be coming from a place further outside my ears and head with the B1 module than the S1.  If you're a metal head, this module sounds great with. metal.  IMO it sounds better than S1 in every way, unless you're a bass head that loves excessive sub bass and overpowering mid bass. 
I agree. I have the 64 Audio A6's and when I first purchased them I was so frustrated at the sound signature of the S1 module. It was nothing like the amazing clarity that had been promised or talked was so bass heavy I couldn't get a proper mix on stage or at home. Bought the B1's and voila! Exactly what I was looking for...a sound much closer to reference and more spacious.  Thank God, I was feeling Iike I had wasted $1200.


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