Archos 5 120 GB Internet Media Tablet

General Information

ARCHOS offers a concept: the Internet Media Tablet. The ARCHOS 5 is the flagship of the range, bringing the customer a way to enjoy Internet, Media and TV and so on in a handheld device.With its built-in capabilities, your Internet Media Tablet becomes the ultimate way to surf the web. The amazingly sharp and high-resolution screen lets you navigate effortlessly through the web just like you would on a PC. Browsing becomes almost seamless with the ARM Cortex processor and the Adobe Flash 9 video support. Surfing on a handheld device has never been so fast and smooth. The full email application lets you read, write, download and send attachments, and manage your contacts.The ARCHOS 5 features a very high capacity internal hard drive from 60GB to 250GB, in slim and sleek enclosures. You can thus download a vast number of music and video from the unique selection of renowned movie and music partners assembled in the Media Club. You can play movies in HD or DVD quality for the richest media experience on the go.Enjoy your ARCHOS content back on your TV, with the DVR Station. Schedule recordings in few clicks any TV program from you cable channels or your setup box, and choose when and where you want to watch them. Play back all your digital content from your ARCHOS 5 to your TV, even in HD quality, at 720p. With the TV Snap-on, Digital free TV is broadcast live on your Internet Media Tablet, wherever you are.


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