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Brand: ARCHGON 40 mm Hi-Resolution Acoustic Driver 5~40,000Hz Extreme Wide Frequencies 99.9% OFC Braided Cable Ultra Comfort ear pads 3.5 mm Gold-Pated Plug

Archgon Delicato

  • Brand: ARCHGON

    40 mm Hi-Resolution Acoustic Driver

    5~40,000Hz Extreme Wide Frequencies

    99.9% OFC Braided Cable

    Ultra Comfort ear pads

    3.5 mm Gold-Pated Plug

    500x500_AH-01R_1-500x500.jpg 500x500_AH-01R_2-500x500.jpg 500x500_AH-01R_3-500x500.jpg 500x500_AH-01R-500x500.jpg 500x500_AH-01R_2-500x500.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. larry piencenaves
    Such a waste....
    Written by larry piencenaves
    Published Jan 1, 2019
    Pros - Solid build quality and material, comfortable, portable, reacts to eq quite well,
    Cons - Untuned pair of headphones, bloated mid-bass, lacks sub-bass, driver limitations
    (this review will be focused only on build and sound, so no pictures on unboxing or anything, sorry.)

    First of all I really dont understand how these headphones got good reviews on amazon and here in headfi (tho 1 comment sums up my whole review)


    these things sounded like a pair of beats no kidding, too much mid-bass without the presence of sub bass, muffled mids, meh highs etc. hyping products like these makes me lose my trust in this org, too many people hyping things up then turns out its ****, but anyways heres my take on the Archgon Delicato and also serves as a warning for those who planning on buying this.

    So first, the Build quality. Really not much anything negative to say on how these were built, at a price of which I bought these for (60$) its more than what I expected. Quality plastics were used with some metal parts for the headband. good and comfy pleather pads and headband. although I really didnt like the added rose gold accent. Images for the headphones can be find here on this thread- https://www.head-fi.org/threads/archgon-delicato-over-ear-hi-res-headphones-impressions.880507/. <bogus thread imho>.

    And the Important thing the sound. Its pretty much what you would here on a pair of beats or other generic bass centered cans, Its like they've just a assembled a pair of headphones with a solid build + rhodium plated drivers but didn't even tried listening to it, what a waste.

    Bass- super bloated mid-bass with only minimal sub-bass, covers the whole freq spectrum.
    Mids- muffled, slightly recessed
    Highs- average, but with those mid-bass overpowering it...oof

    Soundstage is relatively small, its a very intimate pair of headphones, with details slapping into your ears. Imaging is decent.

    Its been a week since I have these but cant even listen to it for over an hour, So....Ive tried to find the problem that makes this headphones sound bad, and what Ive found is that;

    -the pads, although are of good quality, its totally a mismatch with these headphones, it adds too much mid-bass and muddiness to the sound signature, ruins the whole frequency. I would suggest replacing it with velours. Tried putting a hybrid one but the results are awful, pleather would work too but not all, ordered at least 5 different kind of pleather pads but none of them suits. till I slapped my good ol' b8 pads, modifications inside needs to be done also. what I personally did is by covering the bass port. then poke 3 needle holes on the 4 holes covered with a black tape. sounded way more natural with an overall warm signature which I expected to sound like in its stock form, mids are now slightly pronounced which i prefer and highs have more sparkle to it. no certain frequency overpowering the others.

    -the drivers, are rhodium-plated. first time hearing these kind of a driver but the resolution is almost on par with the ones I have in my b8 which are beryllium alloy. but I personally still prefer those. One major issue that these drivers cant do its the reproduction of 60hz down to 20hz, heck it even says it can go as low as to 5hz but i doubt it. Starts to crackle when I turn the volume up to 80% which is worse than a grado.


    The Delicato had some potential in them, but still doesn't reached my expectations and based on the reviews that other people commented, its pure BS.


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