Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) OLD MODEL

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Pros: Visual Interface, Top of the line components, Unlimited External Components
Cons: Battery Life, No Expandability, No FLAC support, No new updates available
This is one of my two current iPods (the other being the iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen). I have to confess, I found this lying on the floor in a parking lot at 3pm. I waited for like thirty minutes talking to my friend to see if someone would come back so I could return it, but nobody came back. It didn't have a lock code, so I went in to see if I could use something to return it but it only had music, very bad music too. 

I find this iPod lacking in some aspects, but I think that at the time it came out it was revolutionary. However, that was years ago. Back in 2007, everything was very different. iPods were everything, but this is what paved the way for the modern consumer media player. Many things have passed since then, even though Apple considers this product "obsolete", you can clearly squeeze a few more years from this baby (especially if it's free).  
This is a great MP3 player that does a couple of other things. It is also a PDA and a WIFI browser (although lacking in some aspects). I must say that the No FLAC support will be a dealbreaker for some or you'll have to adjust and choose another format that is Apple compatible. However, most consumers will find this product very good for what they're looking for. They can also watch videos, use the calendar, and other apps.They sound great without and amp with my V-Moda M-80s. Before that I used to use a pair of Skullcandy Uprock that I found in a bargain bin for $12. I also have a couple of pictures of my girlfriend and family here.
The best thing about this product is the amount of peripherals that you can still find for it. I have an alarm clock/radio that works with this. My dad's car has a plug for it. They sell chargers and docks for this basically everywhere.
You may find that this is an old favorite, but if you're in the market for it, I suggest you jump to the current generation one. This device has seen it's life go past him in a flash. Apps no longer work for this particular device and no future updates will be released. As far as battery life, mine lasts for about 10 hours.
I think the right way to go is to choose the current version of this device or a comparable model. Please search the forums for reviews for the newest version or comparable products. Happy listening.


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