Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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  1. NRiyo3
    "Apple iPod touch 32 GB 4G"
    Pros - Versatile, small
    Cons - Battery life
    Great device. It does so many things thanks to the app market. I wish it was thicker and that the battery filled up that extra space. A single device for movies, music, and books/comics.
  2. Brooko
    "Touch 32Gb 4th Gen"
    Pros - Great interface, good battery life, wi-fi + blue-tooth, adjustable EQ through app add-on!, good SQ (with app eq)
    Cons - No built in adjuatable EQ, tied to iTunes
    Was given this through a reward scheme - and after using a Cowon iAudio7 as my main portable source - I was really interested to see how it performed.  I'm using Shure SE420 IEM's.
    After converting my FLAC collection to ALAC - I loaded it up via iTunes, and then ran it through it's paces.  First impressions - really easy to use (intuitive), fun to play with, but definitely did not sound as good as my Cowon.  It just wasn't as lively or warm.  Disclaimer though - I do use a touch of EQ and also BBE on the Cowon.  Had a look at the built in Touch EQ presets - but the options were terrible.
    After playing with it for a couple of days - I'd almost decided to sell it and buy a J3 instead.  I'm really glad I waited!
    After reading a thread on head-fi, I found out about a wonderful add-on app called "Equalizer" (thank you Achmedisdead - owe you big-big).  Installed it - adjusted a few settings - and what a difference!  My music sounds fantastic (to me) - and I now have complete manual EQ control.  It now sounds as good as the Cowon to me + I have a much nicer interface (than the iAudio7) + the bonus of access to apps, wi-fi etc.
    I also used the bluetooth to pair the Touch to my car stereo.  It sounds really, really good - and this with no EQ at all.  So my next trial will be to get a LOD, and pair this with an E7.  I have high hopes for even more improvement.
    I've never really been an Apple fan - but can honestly say that with the Equalizer application, the Touch turns into a really great player.  I would recommend it to others - but definitely get the Equalizer app - it makes all the difference.

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