Apple iPod Nano (3rd Generation), 4GB, Grey, Old Model

General Information

New design, new interface, Video supported, Credit Card-like iPod

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Pros: Great Battery Life, various EQ's, supports vairety of Audio Book Formats
Cons: HDD Space
There is only one thing to be said about my little iPod 3'd Gen... I use it for Video Lectures and Audio Books, it's a tough little piece of tech and it's lasted me a long time [since I got it used]
I do enjoy it, the user interface is very simple and straight forward. The play back quality is more than sufficent and when I had music on my iPod... I enjoyed the eq setting and my biggest issue was at loud volumes everything was very harsh [My Zune HD is just as loud and is not by any means harsh]
Still great little piece of tech! Very sturdy and of course the biggest issue is that it's got such little HDD space
You might be right, in fact I updated my review and removed "get the new one," but yea it's a winner, mines taking a serious beating and it still works ^^ and I agree, I like the shape as well, better the new ones. Although when I used to play music on it, it did freeze from time to time which was annoying... although a soft reset fixes that so not a big issue. Still thanks for reading! I might have to make it an actually worth while review now and good to see a Dr.Who fan on here as well
Pros: Real sturdy, Not expensive, Good Design
Cons: Not much HDD Space, Not much futures
The Value is really good, you get exactly what you paid for. Now there not for sale anymore so only available second hand.
Audio Quality
SQ is okay, nothing wrong it. but since the small space and the lack of features it isnt fit for anything higher then 320Kbps
Design is everything you'd expect from Apple. Perfect nothing wrong with it, Dropped it multiple times it never let me down.
The battery was also good. I could spend about 5 days without recharging. Only music, no photos or videos.
User Interface
Really simple, it works how you want it to work.


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