Compatible with all Apple iPods and digital players that work with a 3.5-millimeter mini-jack, the...

Apple iPod Earphones Headphones for iPod Nano, Touch & Classic

  • Compatible with all Apple iPods and digital players that work with a 3.5-millimeter mini-jack, the Apple MA662G/A Headphones are designed for comfort. This universal accessory has a sleek design and delivers crystal clear sound quality and bass response, whether you're listening to your favorite tunes while working at your desk, running on the treadmill, or relaxing at home. Compact and ultra-portable, these earbud-style headphones fit easily in your pocket or bag so you can grab them and go. Product Description Newly designed Apple iPod earphones / Sleeker than previous models / Compatible with all Apple iPods / Color - White

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  1. GoldenGuy66
    Better than most
    Written by GoldenGuy66
    Published Nov 28, 2014
    Pros - Midsection, It's basically FREE,
    Cons - Lack of Bass,
    I'm not sure if this is the same model I got with my iPhone 4s or not. There have been tons of different models of these buds released for different i-devices. The ones that I received with my 4s are (In my opinion )  absolutely worth at least 30-45 $ in my opinion.
    No they don't sound like my SENN HD 600 by any means at all, but for an earbud they are exceptional. The mid - section sounds nice to me and the detail (although not much) is far better than any dollar-store ear buds I have ever tried on (And trust me I have tried all sorts). 
    What is holding it back from being 5 stars is it's bass (these really have nearly no bass) and the slightly-generic sounds in the highs. And no I'm not trolling when I say these are some of the best ear-buds ever made. (Ear-buds )
  2. WoahReQQuiem
    Doesn't sound as bad as they say!
    Written by WoahReQQuiem
    Published Nov 9, 2011
    Pros - Free, okay sound
    Cons - Nothing special, non-audible bass until 150-200 Hz
    After reading InnerFidelity's article about the Apple iBuds, I was definitely curious about how they really sound. I was genuinely surprised, as I expected a tinny sound out of them, but no. It was relatively neutral for me, until the bass area, where they severely lacked. It had better tonal accuracy than my $20 Denon AH-C260. They also performed better in mids and highs compared with the same IEM, but the Denon's win out in bass, however it is muddy, it was satisfying enough for EDM. The iBuds had clearer bass but it was barely audible. If you try to cover the four holes with your fingers, it gets muddy, congested, loses its tone, etc. 
    So far, I believe it doesn't deserve its poor bashings, as it was obviously better than their old iBuds, which really deserved its bad name.

    Gear used: iPod classic "7G" > LOD > iBasso T4
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    2. crashonskis
      how can you change tips on an earbud? Its not an iem.
      crashonskis, Nov 10, 2011
    3. Sylverant
      Acoustibuds would probably do a better job. I wouldn't know from experience though, I haven't tried them.
      Sylverant, Nov 12, 2011
    4. WoahReQQuiem
      @Crashonskis : Some earbuds have "sleeves" that are usually made up of foam. An example is the Sennheiser MX980.
      Comply's use snap-ons.
      WoahReQQuiem, Nov 26, 2011
  3. Parall3l
    Its for free, don't expect it to sound good
    Written by Parall3l
    Published Aug 2, 2011
    Pros - free, light, minimalistic, soft cable
    Cons - lasts for about 7 month, not exactly mind blowing
    These are not going to make you stand out in the crowd or have a non-audiophile teen laugh at your "lame, not by dr dre *insert audiophile headphone here ", but nor do they have eargasmic sound. You get what you paid for, which is nothing.
    1. Alghazanth
      7 months? I must have the worst luck in the world because I used to have to replace these things every month. One of the earphones would just stop working out of nowhere every single time.
      Alghazanth, Aug 2, 2011
    2. Dev Avidon
      "A wise man will spend neither too much nor too little." There are many things you could offer to give me for free that I would respectfully decline, these being one of them. There is, no doubt, a value to them as many who don't care about the quality of the sound they listen to are perfectly happy to have a free set of earbuds and not have to think about it. I can't imagine said people would be looking for advice on head-fi. If you are looking for advice on head-fi, quite clearly you are not satisfied with your freebie earbuds, and should head-fi do well by you, they should soon have no value for you.
      Dev Avidon, Aug 3, 2011


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