Apple iPod classic 80 GB Black (6th Generation) OLD MODEL

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  1. BBBS
    Pros - Easy UI, fantastic support, nice and solid, and a lot of storage
    Cons - Sound very subtly lacks sparkle. It's very hard to quantify
    The ubiquitous iPod. Now with slightly less audio quality.
    I originally had a 30GB Color, and this took the most awesome fall from the top of one of the world's tallest roller coasters and into a lake beneath, so I used an interim and ancient Sony, and then bought this thing expecting an improvement. Not only did it cost more than the competition, it also sounded mediocre, like somebody in California had spent time and effort shaving every fraction of a penny off its design while still maintaining the superficial impression of quality.
    The thing sounds like a late 80s to early 90s budget CD player; in fact it sounds identical to a Discman I bought off eBay for about $1. While you would think this is a good thing, and it sort of is, there are Discman from that era that cost $500 because they sparkle and breath life into the music, which is something that is just not happening here.
    It's just a bit naff. Adding an amp helps with any headphone you use with it, but it's like airline food or instant coffee: no matter what it's never quite as good as it could be.
  2. saxophone
    "Outdated, Outperformed"
    Pros - Capacity
    Cons - A lot
    -Large Capacity
    -Sounds great with my L9 and E6
    -buggy, had to be restarted several times (This was fixed in the latest version)
    -back is a fingerprint magnet
    -OS is awful (Rockbox works quite well though)
    I would definitely suggest the newer model over this one. They modified the OS and fixed many of the bugs, making it much better.
  3. niof
    "MyPod :)"
    Pros - More better sound then my old Sony NWZ-E435
    Cons - Little bit heavy.
    I bought it online (second hand). I have the 80 GB model.
    I really satisfied this product, because battery life is 10 days, about 1,5-2 hours use per day. The sound is really acceptable and clear, if the recording quality is cool. A little bit heavy and sometimes it doesn't fit in my pocket, but the big recompense this little nuisance.
  4. bcasey25raptor
    "well build device"
    Pros - build quality, user interface, battery life
    Cons - value, audio quality, screen scratches easily
    i bought this used off a friend of mine over 2.5 years ago and it still works amazingly. i rock boxed it and the eq makes it worthwhile
    if you where to buy it new for full price however i suggest you look elsewhere. the sound quality is absolutely atrocious. i mean literally atrocious. unless eq'd it sounds like a muddy distorted mess and can be very boring. rock box gives you a better equalizer making it better but you have to turn up the treble and bass by 2 or 3 db's to make it enjoyable.
  5. David Paul
    "This was the best portable source component I've had."
    Pros - Intuitive, organized, fairly dedicated music system.
    Cons - 1. Low-Fi. Frankly, this was simply not designed to be a Hi-Fi device. 2. By today's date a Terabyte of space in a device about this size is doable.
    All & all, it's really good. But not the best.
  6. red-classic
    "Best quality in apple's walkman products"
    Best quality in apple's walkman products
  7. fratey
    "The most overrated audio player in the world"
    Pros - Amazing if not unbeatable user interface, nice design, plenty of space
    Cons - Horrible battery life, terrible sound quality, no sense of user friendliness at all, iTunes, lots of bugs, bulky, lack of file format support, scratch
    I bought a barely used iPod a nice day in february.
    The design is nice. The menus are really nice! The storage means you can throw anything on it.
    However, the good things end here. With a bang.
    The battery life was worse than my iriver e10 from 2006. Which I bought 2006. This was 2009. I had used it extremely much during those three years. Yet that old player 1/3 of the size ran circles around it.
    The sound quality is even worse than the battery life.
    If someone who isn't close to an audiophile hears a huge difference with PortaPros, you know something is horribly, horribly wrong with this player. So far that 128kbps with the old iriver sounds better than .wav on the iPod. I'd say that's pretty awful!
    iTunes alone decreases the design on this from 5 stars to 3 stars. Virtually everyone knows that iTunes is a Trojan horse and should be avoided like the plague, for a good reason. After numerous blue screens, crashes, 100% CPU usage, freezes, moving my files around, library corrupting, hijacking my CD drive... I had enough. Not to mention the scrambled or nonexistent album art.
    Randomly, I had to reset it while plugging it into the computer. But hey, I suppose that's what you get.
    The file format support is atrocious. Just awful. Just throwing this in and moving on.
    I was extremely lucky as I was able to sell this for the same price as I bought it for. I am now convinced I will never buy an Apple labelled player, ever.
    I am also aware that the review consists of 90% of how awful this player is, but the fact that I owned it for a year means I have quite a say in what I think of it, right? [​IMG]
  8. yliu
    "iPod Classic"
    Pros - Plenty of space, Nice design, Apple
    Cons - Sound Quality, scratches easily
    I have the 160GB model (the new one).
    These are a great purchase if you have lot of high quality music that takes lot of space. The User interface is very easy to understand, maybe a little slow because it's hard drive based. 
    The sound is not as good as the old iPod (5G), the new one has less bass, and doesn't sound as warn as the older model. A portable amp fixed it for me.
    Overall I am happy with this purchase, and I would recommend to peoples who don't want mp3s that can do everything (like the iPod touch), and to peoples who need a lot of space.

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