Now that you can buy movies from the iTunes Store and sync them to your iPod, the whole world is...

Apple 80 GB iPod AAC/MP3 Video Player Black (5.5 Generation)

  • Now that you can buy movies from the iTunes Store and sync them to your iPod, the whole world is your theater. With a 30GB or 80GB iPod in hand, those movies fit comfortably next to TV shows, new iPod games, podcasts, audiobooks, photo albums, and, of course, an entire library of music - up to 20,000 songs, in fact.How much can your pocket hold? That's up to you and your iPod. It holds up to 20,000 songs, up to 25,000 photos, and up to 100 hours of video - or any combination of each. So you can browse movies on the iTunes Store, download the ones you want (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, perhaps?), and then sync it to your iPod. Same goes for TV episodes, new iPod games, 99? songs, best-selling audiobooks, and an entire universe of free podcasts. Go ahead. Fill 'er up.With all that music at your fingertips, you may never want to stop listening. Lucky thing your iPod plays audio for up to 20 hours. Or, if you'd rather watch, you can feast your eyes on movies and TV shows for up to six-and-a-half hours.It might be a miracle. Otherwise, it's hard to explain exactly how 30GB of storage can fit into an iPod that's over 30% thinner than the previous fourth generation. Or how an 80GB iPod can be the same size as the 60GB model before it. However it happened, it means you can carry your entire music collection - plus a nice selection of video - absolutely everywhere you go. And a 60% brighter, more vibrant display gives your album art, photos, and video extra oomph.Finding what you want to hear among 20,000 songs could be quite a chore - unless you have an iPod. A new interface lets you search your iPod using the patented Click Wheel. And if you're a fan of live albums, classical works, or anything that sounds best when it's continuous, iPod supports gapless playback that seamlessly transitions from one song to another.

Recent Reviews

  1. Deki
    Written by Deki
    Published Mar 14, 2012
    Pros - Everything once rockboxed
    Cons - iTunes is required until modded
    Amazing, i highly suggest rockboxing this. it is the last rockboxable ipod and also the last one with the wolfson chip which are amazing. i highly recommend this.
    1. Sylverant
      I agree, rockbox is amazing firmware. The cue sheet integration is great, and the hardware eq opened up by rockbox works well too. The number of settings to work with are mind boggling.Video quality is nice on the 5.5g but small. Switching between the two firmware is easy.
      The potential sound quality of the device is great. I say that because the internal amp is so-so and the output impedance of the device is fairly high. There are other devices that will sound better with in-ear headphones out of their headphone jack.
      Sylverant, Mar 15, 2012
  2. the wizard of oz
    A shame it isn't compatible with the new portable iDAC's.
    Written by the wizard of oz
    Published Sep 1, 2011
    Pros - With an external DAC dock, and a larger storage memory, a good music server.
    Cons - Only iMod/DIYMod take advantage of its internal Wolfson MicroElectronics DAC; un-modded, it is rather mediocre sounding.
    The line out isn't that bad, but still leaves a lot to be desired for. My Hi-MD Walkmans sound so much better.
    All the new iDevice DAC desktop docks, Home Cinema multichannel amps, Hi-Fi stereo amps, tuner amp combos, desktop CD players, car radios, with USB inputs certified for iPod finally make this mediocre sounding DAP a good candidate for a compact music server.
    For those going the iMod / DIYMod route, there now is the option to go solid state, for improved ruggedness, better battery life & slimmer form factor since compatible with the legacy 30GB backplate. Up to 256GB SSD even!
    The Toshiba 240GB HDD if primarily used as a small footprint music server at home is a more affordable option.
    Unfortunately, this generation of iPod is not compatible with the Fostex HP-P1 iDAC+amp combo nor the CypherLabs AlgoRhythm Solo iDAC, so for portable use, only the iMod / DIYMod make it acceptable to the discerning audiophile.
    I was going to look into the iPod Classic, or wait until the iTouch's capacity increases dramatically, but with the recent release of the iBasso DX100, I might be able to scratch the whole iDevice as transport idea, since said DX100 might be the ideal DAP I've been looking for these last years.
  3. Sweet Maple
    Pretty Satisfied
    Written by Sweet Maple
    Published Mar 8, 2011
    very happy with purchase
  4. ediverudt
    This is the best Rock Boxable I pod ever made
    Written by ediverudt
    Published Oct 7, 2010
    Pros - Cost, Parts,compatibility, good DAC
    Cons - Storage is on Hard disk VS SSD of Flash
    My best Friend gave this to me as a gift.
    I have been thoroughly Happy with this I pod in Fact it is the most user upgradable I pod made. First Rock box to take control of your music again, then a larger hard drive perhaps the 250 G one, or a huge CF card using the adapters you can get for about 10 bucks. after that all yo need do is get a plug converter for the bottom and you can use the better quality connection or have it rewired. This is the poor mans hifi-man, with a better user interface and you can play doom on it if you want. I have to say that this is the best media player for Flac under 200 dollars.     
  5. Lucias_D
    Best buy among portable music players
    Written by Lucias_D
    Published Sep 24, 2010
    Pros - Highly modifiable, good battery life, storage space
    Cons - medoicre sound quality stock, iTunes, price point slightly high, iTunes interface?
    I purchased the 5.5gen black 80GB a few years back in the late spring of 2007. This has been one of the best electronic investments to date. My purchase was based on two key, determining factors.
    1.) Storage Capacity: This thing had 80GB of storage, this was the biggest capacity of any portable music player available at the time, and still remains high on the list
    2.) Modifications: This thing has it all. Since the iPod gained so much popularity it's easy to see how prevalent docking stations, line out devices and other peripherals there are for the iPod, but that's just half the goodies.
         a.) Storage capacity: If this is you biggest concern this iPod is for YOU! I need a large amount of storage because 90% of all my music is lossless. If 80GB isn't enough - check this out. A company by the name of Apricorn Inc. makes a hard drive upgrade kit for both the 30GB, and 80GB 5th gen versions, boosting capacity to 120GB and 240GB respectively! (see website for more information)
    This is amazing storage capacity for a portable player. I was constantly having delete and replace files on my iPod because it was operating at max capacity, yet it only held a fraction of my music library.
         b.) Audio upgrades: Red Wine Audio makes the iMod for 5th gen iPods. I have not purchase this mod, but have listened to an iPod that was iModded. There was a drastic difference in sonic clarity. IMHO the 5g sounds better than the classic iPod anyways (after 5.5g the Wolfson audio codec chipset changed to a Cirrus Logic one). Now there are many other portable music players out there that sound better than the stock iPod, but can't reach the sonic fidelity of the iMod without serious research, and risk.
         c.) Operating System: AS-IS the factory iPod interface really isn't that bad. However,there are those who hate iTunes, or the iPod interface. Three features (or lack there-of) desperately needed for this OS were additional codec support (.flac, .ape, etc..),  viewing of file directory structure, and NO ITUNES INTERFACE/SYNCH. Well, after three years nothing has changed. Enter Rockbox, third party OS that's constantly updated and actively supported. Offers the same files views by tags AND directory structure. Best of all, no crappy databases to be corrupted from a bad iTunes synch (time to reload all of your media back onto your device), and drag and drop convenience! Note that none of the newer 6th gen+ iPod have this support (as of now).
    Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this portable media player. This baby has been used and abused the last 3+ years and still keeps on strong. Coupled with lots of available modifications that can grow with you, this is a clear winner.
    1. hush4hire
      Hi, I'm a newbie here, and I have a question that might be sound stupid to you, but i hope you can help me with it.
      In your review you mention about the iMod. Recently I was planning to buy the 6th gen iPod but many user said it was sound bad because of its Cirrus DAC chip. Most of them recommend using the previous version of ipod, which is 5.5 gen and before, because of the Wolfson DAC.
      If i can use the LOD on the 5.5th gen, which bypass most of the circuit include the crappy internal amp, but not the wolfson dac, why do i still need an iMod to make it sound better?
      thanks for your time to do an explanation for me
      hush4hire, Mar 18, 2012


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