General Information


Apos Audio and Kennerton collaborated to create this $499 open-back headphone. Since there are so many details about it, I suggest you follow the "full story" from Apos' website: "Explore the Caspian’s story, measurements, and creation process."

Official Page:

Product highlights

  • Fun-sounding, non-fatiguing for marathon sessions
  • 50mm dynamic driver
  • Open-back
  • All-natural oak earcups sourced from the North Caucasus mountains
  • Inch-deep sheepskin ear pads with acoustic memory-foam inner filling.
  • Stainless steel yoke and headband
  • Natural leather headband pad for all-day comfort
  • Aluminum alloy grille
  • Graphene-coated multilayered composite membrane with variable thickness
  • CCAW coil (aluminum core coated with oxygen-free copper)
  • Internal litz wiring


  • Driver: Graphene-coated multilayered composite
  • Driver unit: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 5-45,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 115dB
  • Impedance: 33Ω
  • Maximum input power: 500mW
  • Ear cup outer material: Natural sheepskin leather
  • Ear cup inner material: Acoustic memory foam
  • Thickness of pads: 1” (27mm)
  • External dimensions of pads: 4.5” x 3.4” (115mm x 88mm)
  • Height and width of ear pad opening: 3” x 1.7” (77mm x 45mm)
  • Grille material: aluminum alloy
  • Headband materials: stainless steel, natural leather outer lining, bio-leather inner lining, polyurethane foam insert
  • Yoke material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 13.3oz (378g)

What’s included

  • Apos Caspian headphone
  • Leather carrying bag
  • Stock headphone cable (single-ended 6.35mm termination)




100+ Head-Fier
nice design any chance they will do other colors like black wood or red?
I personally doubt it, at least for now. Anything is possible in the future (imo).

Try reaching out to them. Since Kennerton makes them, they might be open to a special private order (and I'd assume it would be at a special private price).