Ankit "FORBIDDEN" Ergonomic Noise-Isolating Earphones with G-Bass Technology

General Information

Ankit earphone is what resulted after über style and premium sound quality got away for a weekend in Miami!

Our "FORBIDDEN" 3D Metallic snakes are about details with fiery, yellow eyes, a red belly, wires coming out of their mouth and with a bitten apple for a stopper. Soooo, Adam & Eve!


¤ Sound Quality -- These earbuds might only cost you $50 but the sound quality is at par with (and better in most cases than) those sold for $100+.

¤ G-bass Technology -- Through innovative driver development, Ankit maximizes your listening experience by putting G-bass technology in every earphone. It enables a better response to lower frequencies (the bass), and also softens high notes that can get too sharp and hurt your ears.

¤ Ergonomic -- The special curved design of the earplug adheres to your ears naturally and more effectively than straight, bullet shaped earphones. This helps you wear the earphones comfortably for longer.

¤ Noise Isolation -- The curved design, along with the round driver case, creates a better fit and seal. The drivers in the earplugs are also shielded by a metal inlay. This increases noise isolation, and helps deliver clear sound in noisy places.

¤ Custom Fit -- Designed to fit all different ear sizes (except the gargantuous ones!). Comes with three earbud tips sizes - S, M, L. These tips are also designed to resist dirt and dust.

¤ Compatibility -- The gold connector (3.5 mm.) works with all mp3 players (iPods, Zunes, Sansa,...), gaming devices (PSP, Nintendo DS,...), iPhones, and even with portable CD players (if you still use one of those, please buy a MP3 player first!).

¤ A tree planted for every earphone!

¤ 2 Year Premium Warranty

Designed in the USA. Committed to make the earth cooler, one earphone at a time!


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