Analog Squared Paper TUR-06 Portable Hybrid Tube Amp

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Portable Hybrid Tube Amp

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Pros: As with the larger brother TU-05b, this packs a punch in a smaller package. Big sound in a smaller chassis
Cons: Transportable (which is a double edge sword in this case). Charging socket could be prone to short circuit for clumsy people like myself.
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The TUR-06 is the smaller brother of the TU-05b reviewed here. This hybrid tube amp was added to the offerings of Analog Squared Paper earlier this year around late January 2013. The differences between the TUR-06 and the TU-05b are :-
  1. Hybrid Tube/Transistor Amp
  2. 482g (vs 1kg for the TU-05b)
  3. 2x1U4 (1T4)
  4. estimated price to be USD$600 vs $1070 for the TU-05b
The TUR-06 is actually more practical due to its size by comparison to it's larger brother.
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Sound Signature

As mentioned in my TU-05b review, I have had little experience with tube amps (portable, desktop, or speaker) until this month. My thoughts about the sound signature of the TUR-06 is compared pretty much directly with it's bigger brother. As I've not owned any portable tube amps before, I can't comment on how it sounds in comparison to, say, the likes of the ALO Continental series.
As with the TU-05b, I found the TUR-06 to really deliver a very full sound that's almost comparable to a desktop level amp. Although it's a hybrid amp, it still has a distinct tube-like signature to its presentation. The trebles extend very nicely and are smooth and airy with exquisite detail but no hint of sibilance whatsoever. Whilst the midrange, like the TU-05b, presents robust fullness especially in vocals. Listening to Jazz vocals from the "Best Audiophile Voices" series of CDs, I feel the artists are singing from the bottom of their lungs rather than just from their throat.
It's the sub-bass level of where the TUR-06 is different from the TU-05b. The TUR-06 reaches much deeper with a nice classy rumble that's very nicely textured in its rendition. Upon hearing it, the Vorzuge AmpDuo with it's Bass Boost lever flicked on came to mind as a comparison. The difference is that the TUR-06 still maintains the tube-like signature in its presentation of the bass with that analogue purr.
Although the soundstage and imaging of the TUR-06 is still wide (probably wider than some of the other solid state portable amps I've heard and owned), it's a wee-bit smaller than it's bigger brother. However all is easily forgotten just with the rest of the quality presentation the TUR-06 is able to deliver.


Again, I have to highly praise this amp. Although it's less than 1/2 the weight of it's bigger brother and it's hybrid tube amp as opposed to a Class A it's able to deliver most of what the TU-05b can and areas such as the bass, could deliver more. If one isn't concerned about it's size, SQ-wise I personally feel it'll be one of the most satisfying amps amongst it's peers (price-wise). Of the other amps I've in my possession, and for my preferences in SQ, I feel this delivers more than what my current portables can and is just midway between what my desktop tube amp (Zana Deux) can deliver. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending someone who wants an introduction to (trans)portable tube amps to at least give this product a listen.
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Any comparison to the Alo Pan Am? In terms of SQ
May I ask for a comparison with the Cypher Labs Duet in terms of the spaciousness, instrument separation, and treble emphasis/smoothness
i know its output impedance isnt low, does the amp hiss with iems?


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