Altec Lansing UHP336 Snugfit In-ear Earphone

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Introducing the NEW UHP336 inEar Earphones from Altec Lansing....THE UPGRADER SERIES HEADPHONES! New MP3 players and other portable digital devices all come with headphones. The problem is, their quality may be an afterthought. After all, device manufacturers are into devices, not headphones. Thats why Altec Lansing developed the Upgrader series of headphones to give consumers a step up when replacing headphones. All Upgrader series headphone models are designed to offer great sound. But more than that, they provide a better, more customized fit for exceptional comfort. Audio technology by Ultimate Ears.

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Very balanced sound, accurate bass, smooth mids and nice, crisp treble
Cons: Build quality, comfort
I bought this because it was cheap at that point of time, and I am interested in trying out a balanced armature IEM.
Initially, wearing was difficult, and it took quite a while for me to get a proper fitting. Once I got a good fitting, I was blown by the sound. The lows are impactful, more so than the PL-30 I had, while maintaining tightness and accuracy. The mids flow smoothly and carried the voice of the singers really well. The treble is nice and crisp, with almost no sibilance at all.
However, all was not to be, as my UHP336 broke a day later. I heard similar cases of my friends' UHP336 IEMs breaking as well. I wish I was able to exchange this for a new one, but unfortunately it had reached its end of life and so I am unable to exchange for it anymore.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good isolation, replaceable cable, great mids and highs
Cons: Lacking bass
I did know that this was a rebranded version of Ultimate Ears' Super.Fi 3 earphone, and since it was reasonably cheap, compared with the original model, I decided to buy it. 
Main problem initially was wearing it, as it has a somewhat different design, and is supposed to be worn over the ear. However, once you get used to it, it is very practical, as the cable near the earphone is stiffer and can be molded to fit your ear, keeping it fixed there and removing any microphonics due to body movement. Just ignore the fact the earphone sticks out of the ear...
As for sound quality, it shows the usual signature for single balanced armatures, with a very crisp sound on highs and mids, especially this last. It may sound harsh at first try, and I swear this was tamed after the 50 burn-in hours, though it doesn't really makes sense for being a balanced armature... Bass is somewhat weak, impact being noticeable only with a good fit, but don't expect much. It is however well defined and quick, just not as fullbodied ( for lack of another word...) as a basshead would prefer...great for classical music though.
Overall, for me it was a great purchase, being one of the few balanced armatures at this price range ( except perhaps for SoundMagic PL-50, which I want...just to compare), and if you don't mind the format, and are not a basshead, I recommend it.


New Head-Fier
Pros: very comrotable, treb good, mid good, good value
Cons: bass is a little lacking, cord very stiff.
I bought these about a year ago. I have put about 50 hours a week into them, but the cord finally gave out last week. They say that you are supposed to be able to replace the cord, however i can't find it anyplace. :frowning2:
This was my first set of IEM that i spent more than 10 bucks on and i was not let down by them. The bass was slightly lacking at low levels but alright for my needs. They did very well at keeping out the unwanted noise from my factory and sounded good at low levels. I would use them to run and they stayed in my ear very well. When i turned them up the bass sounded much better but i could have used more.
If i can find a deal on these i may buy them again.


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