Altec Lansing UHP326 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone with Ultimate Ears technology - Reviews
Pros: Tough, Clear, Has carry case
Cons: Microphonics
I'll just go and rewrite this...
Anyways, these would be my 2 year old IEMs that I still haven't managed to break. Pretty impressive considering how many times I've shoved them into jeans pockets. Anyways, onto the sound.
They're a very aggressive sounding IEM, with an apparent spike in the mids and a slight spike in the bass. This makes it a fun listen though, without being too fatiguing.
The highs remain fairly clear and detailed, without being piercing in any way. It doesn't hurt to add a treble boost EQ to these and a slight sub-bass boost to flatten out the response.
Soundstage is actually somewhat narrow, though actually fairly deep. It gives you an intimate soundstage where you can still pick out where things are, but have a nice feeling of depth.
It's nice that they included a case and dual flange tips though; the dual flange tips actually block out plenty of noise. I can't say the same for the normal tips though.
My only real complaint is the nylon cord. While yes, it does make the cord pretty tough and tangle-resistant, it makes a great deal of noise whenever it rubs against fabric. That can still be remedied fairly easily by sliding the cord adjuster (whatever you call it) up near your neck. Probably easier to explain with a picture here.
Otherwise, it's a pretty good buy for something less than $30. Good for a decently wide range of music.