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Altec Lansing MHP116NP Muzx Series In Ear Headphone with Pink Flower and Crystals

  1. Skysong247
    Great Earphones!
    Written by Skysong247
    Published Aug 7, 2013
    Pros - Great Sound, Beautiful, compact!
    Cons - May scrap your ear if not placed correctly
    My first pair my best friend in NY sent them to me, they were perfect! I absolutely loved them! Then my ex roomate stole them.. I bought another pair from PartsPeople.com, they seemed to be defective, the metal parts on them scraped my ears a little. I want to get another pair when I am able and hopefully they will be perfect again! Overall, they are beautiful, had great sound quality, cancelled out the outside noise very well, and were stylish! I loved them!