ALO Audio The Continental V2 Mobile Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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The ALO audio Continental was designed to bring the highest aim of tube amplification - accurate and open musical presentation - to a portable, hand-held device. This aim has been achieved by paying close attention to the basic function of the device, while keeping the operation as simple and easy as possible.

The Continental excels at driving all types of headphones especially large harder to drive headphones such as, the Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynmic T1, AKG 701, 702, Audez'e LCD2 as well as 32 ohm headphones.

The Continental incorporates a tube voltage gain section followed by a discrete transistor current output stage to drive headphones. The Continental will drive headphones to levels matching that of much larger a AC powered desktop amps. Because these Raytheon 6111 NOS tubes are rare and hard to find new in any numbers we will only make a short limited run of these amazing portable tube amplifiers.

New V2 Features:

-Extended Battery Life 7-8 hours

-New Hi/Lo gain switch for pairing with IEMs

-Updated enclosure and finish


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